Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Zombtober is a very simple challenge, originally developed by Rob over at Four Colour Super Minis.

Basically the one and only rule is: Paint at least 1 Zombie per week in October, and blog about it (pictures highly encouraged).

My personal goal, is - 4 Zombies per week, and at least 1 survivor.  I'm also going to be working on some terrain and figures for my post-apocalyptic gaming, as well as continuing work on my Vikings. 

It's going to be a busy month!

Also, passed 2000 pageviews! Next goal is 5000! I'm debating an idea of at 10,000 maybe doing some sort of competition for some sort of prize haha.


  1. That's an ambitious goal you've set yourself, I shall be watching with interest and many congratulations on the milestones - I'm sure there will be many more.

  2. Good luck with the challenge and milestones you've set yourself