Thursday, May 31, 2018

6MMRPC - MB:P - Spartans and Hell Hounds

Next up in the saga of painting MB:P I present the three Spartans from the core box.

and the six core box sculpts (there are other sculpts in other boxes) of Infernal or Hell Hounds.

I painted the hounds in a way to try and bring up mental images of  ugly mangy fur-less nasty buggers with some rusty collars and chains.  I think I succeeded. 

2018 Finished Figures - 57
2018 Finished Terrain - 4
2018 Games Played - 5

Sunday, May 27, 2018

6MMRPC - Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Ares

Continuing on with the MB:P theme, here is my take on Ares. Also about 70mm tall, this figure is my favorite out of the core box.  Finished him this morning.

Super dynamic, clean sculpt.  Badass.

On a side note, finishing this guy means that I've surpassed last years finished figures total by more than 2x!

2018 Finished Figures - 48
2018 Finished Terrain - 4
2018 Games Played - 5

Saturday, May 26, 2018

6MMRPC - Mythic Battles:Pantheon - Zeus

Let's be really really honest for a second...

I went bloody well all in on the Mythic Battles: Pantheon Kickstarter.

Some days (like today), I'm really happy I did...other days (like when the mortgage is due), I'm not. 

It has all been delivered, and I'm pretty sure that there are about 15,000 miniatures in the 14 boxes I received...that's a slight exaggeration but I think you get my drift.  All the models are beautiful with a ton of detail and hardly any issues such as mold lines, gaps that need filled, flash, etc etc.  So, being me, I decided I was going to start with the core box, and work my way thru painting all the bloody models.  This post is to showcase the first one finished - Zeus.  He stands about 70mm tall, and is absolutely stunning.

Keep in mind that while yes, I plan on playing Mythic Battles:Pantheon as is...these figures are too freaking cool and awesome and all that jazz to not use them for other things like for instance: "Of Gods and Mortals"! 

So yes, today, I'm quite happy I went all in.

2018 Finished Figures - 47
2018 Finished Terrain - 4
2018 Games Played - 5

6MMRPC - Roger's Rangers

One of my personal favorite games is "Muskets & Tomahawks" by Alex Buchel and Studio Tomahawk.  FIW and AWI gaming being some of my Dad and I's favorite periods. 

I've had the three Gripping Beast starter sets for years and have just now gotten around to finishing 6 Roger's Rangers from the British Wilderness Force.  These sculpts are very detailed, but did have some annoying mold lines.  I plan on some day adding more detailing to the bases once I find my box of tufts/flowers/leaves etc. 

But anyways, that's a unit of 6 done, can't wait to get them to the table!  Now to tackle something else!

2018 Finished Figures - 46
2018 Finished Terrain - 4
2018 Games Played - 5

Friday, May 25, 2018

6MMRPC Guild Ball Farmers - Windle

The first finished figure(s) for the currently running 6MMRPC are Windle from the Farmers team for Guild Ball, and two "balls" a pumpkin and radish!

I absolutely love the new style of Guild Ball and how Steamforged is releasing thematic terrain and balls for each team in the starter packs.  Hope you guys like 'em.

Windle and his balls haha!


2018 Finished Figures - 40
2018 Finished Terrain - 4
2018 Games Played - 5

Lord of the Rings on the Cheap

So as I slowly continue sorting through my closet of shame for the currently running 6MMRPC, I came across my old LOTR "clix" style figures.  Now, back when I was 8-14 yrs old, I loved the clix style games, but I no longer play them soooo, I decided to update the collection to be usable with rules I play now. 

So, I removed the figures from the hex bases, mounted them to my normal fender washers.  Then gave them all a dark brown wash, varnished them, and tarted up the bases with my normal flock concoction.  Done and dusted.  

37 Figures ready for playing games and it took all told about 2 hours to do.

3 Ring-Wraiths.  Good sculpts, dynamic poses.  Shit weapons, but oh well.

Saruman the White.  No I didn't paint the eyes.

Easterling Warrior and Shaman.

Moria Orc Champions

Moria Orcs.  Really pleased with how the wash made the faces look.

Moria Orc Bowman

Moria Orc Spearmen


Mirkwood Elf Swordsmen

Mirkwood Elf Bowmen

Frodo w/the Ring and Sting and 2 diff. Aragorn sculpts. Again, the swords suck but didn't want to spend a bunch of time converting on this cheap and fast mini project.

Rohan Archers. Probably going to see use as Viking archers as well.

Dismounted Rider's of Rohan.

Dismounted Rohan Warrior and a Gondorian Archer

2 Dunedain Ranger Archers.
I will not be counting these figures towards the 6MMRPC finished figures quota, but bloody well pleased with all of them and they will be counted towards my yearly finished count.

2018 Finished Figures - 37
2018 Finished Terrain - 4
2018 Games Played - 5

Thursday, May 3, 2018

First Post of 2018 - Planning

Whew. It's been awhile.  I've been ridiculously busy over the last 8 months with the business, life, full time job etc, but am now getting to the point where I can make time for hobby time.

So going forward -
I have a game of Kill Team coming up next week, so I'm trying to get a Tau Fire Team put together for it. Finished assembly last night and will be priming and starting to paint them tomorrow.

My paint desk is covered at the moment with other painting projects for this year -

Guildball Farmers, Fishermen, Morticians, and Union teams.

Board-Game Figures from Zombicide: Black Plague, Shadows of Brimstone, and Mythic Battles: Pantheon.

A whole host of Gothic horror figures and monsters for a pet project of mine (more to come soon).

I've started another 6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge, so minimal to no purchases and hopefully lots of finished figures and terrain pieces. 

 Also planning on playing way more games this year. 

So, that's the quick update.  More posts coming soon.  Hoping to get reviews, battle reports, and progress updates.  Thanks for reading.