Monday, October 29, 2018

TMWWBK - 18th "Royal Irish" Regiment

I have finally launched into some stuff for "The Men Who Would Be Kings".  Starting on the Northwest Frontier/2nd Afghan War with these twelve lads of the 18th "Royal Irish" Regiment.

I hemmed and hawed for several months on what scale to do my colonial gaming in, and ALMOST went 28mm.  But.  Then I had a look through my lead mountain, and the Plastic Soldier Review website and decided that the cheaper, easier to store, and just as effective route was through 20mm or 1/72.  

This batch are 1/72 ESCI British Infantry and I think they look ok.  Finding the right shade of tan was a pain in the ass, as you may note from the Officer and Bugler being slightly "off" shades from the others.  They were my test figures and I didn't feel like re-painting them.  The officer I'll explain as; Freshly arrived from England, he purchased his uniform himself somewhere in India. Works for me anyways.    

Now to work on opponents, and terrain.

2018 Finished Figures - 98
2018 Finished Terrain - 6
2018 Games Played - 6

Zombtober "Not" Columbus

The way this month has been going work wise, this very well may be the only "Zombtober" figure I finish.  I give you - The Reaper survivor who is "not" the dude from "Zombieland" played by Jesse Eisenberg.  

It was a nice simple figure to paint, though if I'm honest...he's been sitting partially painted for about 6 years in one of my drawers.

"Not" Columbus
I'm sure he'll be useful in all sorts of games - from moderns to Post Apocalyptic.

2018 Finished Figures - 86
2018 Finished Terrain - 6
2018 Games Played - 6

Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Skeleton Signpost

Finally got around to finishing this little terrain project I started about 2 years ago.  

The skeleton signpost.  I used an 8 inch round piece of mdf, a whopping big tree from Woodland Scenics, a bunch of cork sheet, and the skeleton on a post from the GW Giant kit.  It'll see use in a myriad of systems, hence why there isn't anything written on the actual sign yet...can't make up my mind as to what it should say. 

It was a long term, but fun little project, and I think it will be quite useful.

If you have a suggestion as to what the sign should say, drop me a comment!

2018 Finished Figures - 85
2018 Finished Terrain - 6
2018 Games Played - 6

MB:P - Hoplites

The seemingly never ending saga of slowly painting my way through Mythic Battles continues with the completion of these 5 Hoplites.  I wanted to make them different from the Spartans so went with green cloaks instead of red.  I'm happy with how they turned out.  Only something like 180+ minis from that set to go.  Will probably do some Amazons or heroes next.

2018 Finished Figures - 84
2018 Finished Terrain - 5
2018 Games Played - 6

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Kill Team Game and a Few Thoughts

Hey all,
Went over to my buddy Kev's house the other day so that he could introduce myself and another friend of ours to the new "Kill Team" from Games Workshop.  It was a three-way mashup of my Tau vs Kevs Tyranids, and our friends Salamanders.

I'm happy to say, my Tau on their first outing - did not lose.  They didn't win...but they didn't lose haha.

So.  What'd I like?

Well, the quality of the components in the Kill Team starter box is excellent.  As you'd expect.  The terrain is pretty damn cool and isn't too "skulled" up so could work for some post apocalyptic gaming.  Terrain in the photos is not painted, but as you can see, it works.

Now, the only thing I didn't like - 

The combat sequence is way too complicated.

It was a fun day, and I'd play it again.

Deployment - Tau = Closest, to the right are the Salamanders, and across the board are the Tyranids.

A tyranid charges the Tau Gun Drone

As the tyranids get stuck in charging salamanders, Tau move to the upper levels of a bombed out building to get better line of sight.

Tyranids and Tau attacking a Salamander Position.  Who will die first?!

Another angle of the overwatching Tau

It was very nice to get my painted figures on the table so quickly after finishing them a couple weeks ago.  Now to dig out my copy of "In the Emperors Name"

More finished figures coming soon, as well as some updated plans and editorial thoughts.

2018 Finished Figures - 79
2018 Finished Terrain - 5
2018 Games Played - 6