Friday, January 3, 2020

2019 - A Very Productive & Successful Year

My hobby goals for 2019 were -

1.  Paint more figures than in 2018.  So, I have to paint more than 121 figures.

Massively succeeded in this with a grand total of 308 figures painted! Ranging in scales from 6mm up to 75mm.

2. Play more miniatures games than in 2018.  So play more than 6 games. This will tie in with another goal further down the list.

Only played 6 miniatures games this year which is somewhat of a bummer but that'll change in 2020 I'm guessing. See more soon.

3. Complete two opposing forces for any period/genre.

I completed THREE forces for Vietnam in 15mm. ANZAC, NVA, and VC companies for Charlie Don't Surf were finished this year!

4. Kickoff my Gothic Horror/Steampunk campaign.

Nope, didn't even complete enough figures to make this viable, so we'll add this to the list for 2020.

5. Start a games club.  We have the interest and the name already, just got to get organized about it.

Kind of a success. We had a couple game nights and we have 13 willing "members" just coordinating and scheduling is still an issue. Another thing to improve in 2020.

6. Concentrate on smaller scales.  I have a ton of 2mm-20mm projects and I'm going to strive to focus on them this year.

Well over 200 of the completed miniatures were 6mm and 15mm so! Success!

7. Complete a metric shed load of terrain.  At LEAST double 2018's 6 pieces.  So goal of 12 pieces.

I finished 40 pieces of terrain in 2019, ranging from scatter terrain all the way to buildings. Success!

8. Finish my core platoon of German infantry for Chain of Command in 15mm.

Base platoon is finished and has been badly bloodied twice by those dastardly Soviets. Success!

9. Support small business.  The likes of Bad Squiddo, Forged in Battle, Peter Pig, Irregular, Baccus etc.

I can't even begin to list all the little companies I ordered from this year, but they've all been great. Special shoutout to Irregular Miniatures and Fenris Games for their stellar service and communication! Success.

10. Play every boardgame and miniatures ruleset in my collection.  That's going to take a lot of work, but should be a fun endeavor!

Hahahahahaahaahahahaha. Yeah, this didn't happen. That being said, 32 Games were played 115 times last year with 22 different players! Here's to 2020 being even better!

Happy New Year All!!!