Saturday, January 2, 2021

2020's Final Tally - Hell Warriors and Innsmouth Folk

Aren't we all glad THAT'S over with? Jeez. 2020 was pretty crap all the way around. But, from a hobby standpoint it was pretty good. Obviously with lockdown and quarantines - painting was a must to keep one sane. I started Keepering Call of Cthulhu online, and have logged over 400hrs of Masks of Nyarlathotep for 4 different groups spread all over the US, Canada, Norway, Wales and England which will continue into 2021. Also started a Chain of Command campaign with some guys from Norway and England which will be continuing this year. We'll deal with goals for 2021 in my next post. Anyways - here's my final figures from 2020 "The Plague Year". 

Hell Warriors from Mythic Battles: Pantheon. I wasn't sure about the skin tone to be honest, until I slapped an ink wash on them. Now they're growing on me.

These 4 Innsmouth residents shall see service in a host of games including skirmish games and RPG's! They're from Crooked Dice and I love them.

Shown above are 17 of my Call of Cthulhu Players Characters. They have now all been shipped to their respective owners around the globe!

So the final tally for 2020 is: 

2020 Painted Figures - 256

2020 Finished Terrain - 15

2020 Games Played - 6

Not too bad.