Thursday, September 17, 2015

6MMRPC 2.7 - French & Indian War (3): Last of the Hurons!

I have finally finished my Huron War Party for Muskets and Tomahawks.  Took me far too long, but I'm very very pleased with how they turned out!  Sorry for the terrible pictures, I really need to make a light box.

The completed war party in the case!

2015 Painted Figures - 100
2015 Finished Terrain - 13
2015 Games Played - 4

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

6MMRPC 2.6 - Cinema Personalities

Hey everyone! I'm back with another late update. I think I'm approx 8 weeks behind in my blog updates...Sorry about that but life has been nuts and it's about to get worse.  My uncle was diagnosed with Stomach and Pancreatic cancer, and my son has been having more seizures lately so I've got lots of travelling ahead to go to specialists etc. Positive thoughts would be appreciated for both of them.

On to the hobby stuff.  These superheroes are from the Heroclix range, carefully removed from their bases and mounted on my own, then the paint was touched up in places and they were given a wash.  I think they will work fine.

Captain America and The Incredible Hulk

The Captain!

They made him angry!
I haven't figured out a ruleset for my superhero gaming as of yet, but I'm leaning towards either Pulp Alley or one of the Song Of stable of rulesets.  

Next up is this figure that was supposed to be Lori Grimes from the Walking Dead.  I decided instead to paint her as close as I could (and I don't think I succeeded) to Agent Myka Bering from the TV show "Warehouse 13" which happens to be one of my favorites.  She will be seeing action in all sorts of adventures in the pursuit of the strange and amazing.

Secret Service Agent Myka Bering

Here is a close up of the base -  I used my Basius Urban Basing Pad to make it. Love the detail, but I need to continue experimenting with amount of greenstuff I use. It'll do for now. 

2015 Painted Figures - 93
2015 Finished Terrain - 13
2015 Games Played - 4