Sunday, January 15, 2017

1st Post of 2017! Guildball Butchers -

Hello all! Happy New Years to you all...bit late on that, but life's been busy.  Let's start with a quick rundown of last years stats.  Due to the deployment, my numbers for 2016 are way down compared to 2015 but gives me a goal to beat for 2017 -

2016 Finished Figures - 46
2016 Finished Terrain Pieces - 1
2016 Games Played - 4

So the only thing I beat in 2016 was the games played, which to my mind is a positive. 
Games Played last year were - 
Space Hulk x1
Frostgrave x1
Guildball x2

Now on to the first finished figures of 2017! My first 8 Guildball: Butchers - The KC Slaughterhouse

Ox (Captain) & Princess (Mascot)

Brisket (Striker) & Boiler (Winger)

Fillet (Captain/Striker) & Meathook (Attacking Midfielder)

Boar (Attacking Midfielder) & Tenderiser (Goalkeeper)

The KC Slaughterhouse!

I greatly enjoyed painting this team, and am having to force myself now to concentrating on other projects vs jumping right into painting my next team!  They're lovely figures, though some are a bit fiddly to assemble.  

I also finished these two Reaper Bones figures - a Ghost and a Clay Golem.  These two will see combat in many systems such as Frostgrave or SoBH.

Not a bad start to the year I'm thinking!

2017 Painted Figures - 10
2017 Finished Terrain - 0
2017 Games Played - 1