Saturday, November 20, 2021

Modern Imagi-Nations: Central America (1)

A couple years ago, I took  short trip to Belize for vacation for a week. While there, I got to chatting with a Belizean Police Officer about the history of Belize and he mentioned the tension that has been between Belize and Guatemala for as long as he could remember. 

That got me thinking about an imagi-nations campaign set in the 1970's and 80's where Guatemala and Belize and their sponsor states and other Central and South American countries fought a hot Cold War.  To that end, I've started the process of building up some stuff for it. 

Belize, as a member of the British Commonwealth - has a constant presence (no matter how small) of British Army advisors or troops. So, first up we have 12 British Army infantrymen or they could also double for SAS troopers. Peter Pig figures from their AK-47 range. Painting DPM jungle camouflage in 15mm was a bit of a challenge, but I think they turned out ok.

Next up we have 9 Belizean Police. These are also from the Peter Pig AK-47 range. Will obviously need quite a few more of them; as well as at least a platoon of Belize Defense Force infantry. 

Guatemalans are on the paint desk now. I figure once they're done, I can do some small border skirmishes around checkpoints etc. This will be a slow build project but I think will be quite fun once it really takes off. 

2021 Painted Figures - 540
2021 Finished Terrain - 14
2021 Games Played - 5

Monday, November 1, 2021

Pulp/Gothic/Eldritch Horror Update

In this round of catch up, I present all the horror figures and investigators I've finished since April.  Rapidly becoming one of the largest facets of my collection to be honest. I've also lumped steampunk stuff in here as well.

Snow Troll from Heresy Miniatures. A lovely resin model that was a lot of fun to paint. I may at some point go back and add blood effects to him and the base once he's fought some battles.

Theoretically this is Lord Curr from the Northstar range produced for In Her Majesties Name. I will obviously be adding him to my steampunk/Gothic horror collection. 

A couple of Cossack monster hunters. The archer is from Privateer Press, and I "think" the other one is from Bears Head but I may be forgetting.

This investigator is a mystery figure I got with some stuff off ebay. She'll make a good explorer/occultist.

Gothic horror fellow I I believe is from West Wind. 

Old RAFM Ghouls for the Call of Cthulhu range, sculpted by Bob Murch I believe. Love how they turned out. 

Brigade Games Lighthouse Keepers from their latest Cthulhu kickstarter. They'll go well with my Sarissa Lighthouse!

Egyptian Cultists. Who doesn't need cultists by the bucket load?! These ones I attempted to do with an inverted ankh on their chests. 


Dracula's resting place. Sculpted and sold by Bob Murch at Pulp Figures.

Bears Head Minis Ghoul. This things right around 54-60mm I think. Painted up a treat.

A very angry mummy from Northstar.

These two ladies are from Bob Murch's Pulp Figures. They were very easy to paint. His sculpting style is very conducive to the painter. 

Re-purposed Konflict 47 werewolves painted up as just normal werewolves vs Weird WW2 ones. Very happy with how their fur turned out.

I really need to actually get all this stuff to the table. Halloween was the perfect chance but I was busy sorting out candy for all the little ghosts and spiderman's running around the neighborhood. Soon. Watch this space.

2021 Painted Figures - 519 
2021 Finished Terrain - 14
2021 Games Played - 5

Painting Shadows of Brimstone (1)

I've decided that having owned Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients for damn near 6 years now and never having played it because I hadn't painted the figures yet had to be remedied. So, I've gotten a start on them. All the other figures are primed and on the paint desk - but here's what I've finished so far - 

12 Tentacles. These took a lot longer to do than expected. I may have gone a bit overboard.

3x Ghosts. Was really going for an ethereal look with these and I think I got it right.

6x Hero Characters. I think my faves are the Dancing Girl and the Bandito. These figures will also see service in various old west rulesets I have and I think will fit right in for Dracula's America as well.

2021 Painted Figures - 494
2021 Finished Terrain - 13
2021 Games Played - 5

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Warhammer Old World Campaigns (4) - Empire Army Started

As I continue working through all my "catch-up" posts, these are the start of my Empire army for Warmaster and various other mass battle fantasy rulesets we're trying for the Old World Campaign. 

My goal for this army is to have it encompass all the various provinces and principalities of the Empire so that if I ever wanted to, I could expand it and have different Electors fighting each other. An added benefit of this plan is that it is going to be a VERY colorful army. A disadvantage to this plan is that it takes bloody forever to paint a unit! But, I think they're turning out ok.

First up we have a unit of Averland Pikemen. 10 figures per base. I'm quite happy with how they turned out! Pendraken 10mm Landsknecht Pikemen as proxy.

Next we have a unit of The Reiksguard. A lovely unit of heavy cavalry. 10mm Pendraken.

Finally we have a unit of Altdorf Greatswordsmen. Very very pleased with how they turned out, though I need to get better at freehanding 10mm flags and banners. 10mm Pendraken Landsknechts. 

I have a ton more units to paint for this army, but as noted above - they take a bit of time. I hope you're enjoying this project as much as I am!

2021 Painted Figures - 473
2021 Finished Terrain - 13
2021 Games Played - 5

Various Historicals and Terrain Catch-Up

These various projects have been finished between April and October of 2021. 

First up we have 8x Perry Miniatures British Light Infantry. These are plastic and were a bit of a pain to paint if I'm being honest. Detail was a bit shallow in places. I think they turned out ok though. Will be using them for both The French & Indian War and the American War of Independence using Muskets & Tomahawks, Songs of Drums and Tomahawks, and Sharp Practice. With Zeal & Bayonets!

28mm Reaper Campfire. Useful for pretty much any period or genre you could ever think of.

15mm Blue Moon Cabin. Will work for both North America or Eastern Europe. Will be used mostly for Chain of Command and Silver Bayonet.

15mm JR Miniatures Destroyed Factory. Have had this beast for about 8yrs and finally decided to paint it up. Measures approx. 18"x11.5". The chimney is about 5.5" tall. Very useful for my 15mm WW2 games.

6mm Church. The church is actually a re-purposed Thomas Kincaid knicknack. Will be used for my various 6mm projects including ACW and WW1.

A few 20mm soft plastic Afghan Insurgents. I've got a host of rulesets to try for modern Iraq/Afghanistan. More to come in future.

28mm Renedra Early Medieval/Dark Ages building. To be fair could probably be used through the 18th Century if pushed.

28mm Warlord WW2 US Infantry. I will be honestly using these for Horror gaming such as Achtung Cthulhu etc. as my only WW2 in 28mm I have is Pacific theater.

Another 28mm Renedra Early Medieval/Dark Ages building.

28mm Cabbage Patch.

Absolutely gorgeous and fun to paint 28mm Bad Squiddo Female Viking Archers!

20mm or 1/72 ESCI and Airfix US Army Skirmishers for my ACW Sharp Practice project. 

28mm Sign Stones.

15mm Dutch Garage.

28mm Wargames Foundry Pirates. Still have a metric shedload of these to do but am kind of doing them in bits and pieces whenever I get the hankering for some swashbuckling painting.

10/15mm Destroyed Bridge. May at some point add water effects.


As you can see, loads of stuff finished and this is only 1 of approx 10 catch up posts I've got in drafts.

2021 Painted Figures - 419
2021 Finished Terrain - 13 
2021 Games Played - 5