Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Sad Report

Figured I'd post up my games played so far this year...and I find it severely disappointing.  But I guess with everything that's been keeping me so bloody busy lately (work, custody battle, moving across the country etc.) I should probably be glad I've gotten in any gaming.  So here we go. Be forewarned, there hasn't really been any miniatures games.

January -

Lord of the Rings Combat Hex - Played once. Came out a draw.  My sister masterfully used the Orcs against my Gondorians and Rohirrim.

Zombie Fluxx - Played twice one evening.  Our first foray with the Fluxx series. 4 players playing.  My brother in law won the first game, and the Zombies won the 2nd.

Zombicide - While it took a couple turns to pick this game up, we got the hang of it and greatly enjoyed it.  Decided we were going to play all the scenarios in the rulebook as a campaign, not moving from one scenario to the next til we'd beaten it.  It's HARD as the survivors. We started on Scenario 1. 6 of us playing, and we were BUTCHERED sadly less than a block from our objective exit point.

Febuary -

Memoir '44 - Played the "Sword Beach" scenario twice with my sister, we both took turns as both the Allied and Axis sides. I won both times.

Zombicide - We played Scenario 1 three times over a period of 2 days and our survivors were annihilated in all three games. It says a lot that we still greatly enjoyed the games even though we lost!

March -

Zombicide - FINALLY beat Scenario 1!!!!

There were no games in April/May as I was in the process of moving into my new apartment.

So, not too much going on, on the gaming front.  I apologize for the lack of pictures, from now on, be it board/miniature/card games, I will strive to get pics of the action.