Tuesday, October 7, 2014

6MMRPC Zombtober Update #1

While this is being posted on Tuesday, Oct. 7 I promise that the figures were done last Friday...that being said, theoretically today is the end of the first week in Oct, so I think I'm ok!

So anyway, my Zombtober entry for this week are these lovely zombies from Studio Miniatures.  Nice clean sculpts. I'm continuously impressed by the quality of SM products.

I painted the older gentleman as a Amish Zombie, and the kid is wearing a shirt with the number 1 on it.  He's a Kansas City Chiefs fan obviously!

Further blog posts coming tonight and tomorrow, including an admission of my using my first Joker in the 6MMRPC.


  1. I like these, I might have to get some myself - great job Sir.

  2. Those are some cool sculpts!

    Great work.

  3. Very nice indeed, Studio Minis probably make the best zombbies on the market (imo)

  4. I like the amish man sculpt. After thinking about it a second time, it's a pretty unusual place to jam/lose a sword. There's some sort of crazy story there (like crazy even in the context of zombie-apocalypse)