Wednesday, November 11, 2015

6MMRPC 2.11 - Dark Age Zeds

This is probably the latest Zombtober post ever, but I swear, the painting was finished on the day before Halloween...dressing up the bases has just taken me awhile. 

These figures are from the Gripping Beast Revenants Box Set. Easy to paint and they look great when they're finished! 

Painted him to be an old king or noble. 

These two guys I'm incredibly pleased with how the skin turned out. I've taken to a new way of painting zombie skin - prime with Army Painter Necrotic Skin, then drybrush with Vallejo Air Dark Eart. I think it works well. 

I really like this figure for some reason!

These Revenants are going to see combat throughout my wargaming periods...probably not just against Vikings or Saxons. I'm thinking it'd be cool to have a plague pit be dug up somewhere modern and suddenly these buggers are infecting modern people. 

I know that for Zombtober I had said I wanted to get all 48 done...well, I've got 43 left to do haha!

Last but not least, I finished this - 

Giant Worm from Reapers Bones range. Will be used in post-apoc, horror, fantasy etc. games.

2015 Painted Figures - 109
2015 Finished Terrain - 14
2015 Games Played - 4

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

6MMRPC 2.9 First Finished Zeds for Zombtober

So here we are almost two weeks into Zombtober, and I'm just now getting this post up. Life has a way of throwing wrenches, but I hope you all like these offerings!

First up, we have one of my favorite of the excellent Studio Miniatures zombie figures - the walking dead in a body bag! What a great figure!

Then, we have my first finished Revenant from the Saga Revenent boxed set - A Revenant Monk!

And finally, a piece of scatter terrain for modern zombie games. I think this piece will fit perfectly with the Aid Tent I painted up last Zombtober!

A slightly washed out pic of some of the detail - blood in the grass etc.

Hope you enjoyed 'em!

2015 Painted Figures - 102
2015 Finished Terrain - 14
2015 Games Played - 4

6MMRPC 2.10 A Couple Finished Minis

These two have been finished for about 3 weeks now, but I hadn't varnished or dressed the base on the latter. So, I give you - 

My first finished Space Hulk figure! This was my first ever 40k figure painted, and I now have a boatload more ready to be painted...I think he turned out ok.

And this bloody crappy sculpt from the Reaper Bones range...supposed to be a Ranger Archer, I decided I wanted to add an "Arrow" figure to my superheroes collection. Covered in mould lines, and hardly any detail whatsoever, but I guess for the price of $2.49 I shouldn't bitch. Thankfully painting a mask on him helped with the fact that he didn't have any facial details. It'll do for gaming.

2015 Painted Figures - 104
2015 Finished Terrain - 14
2015 Games Played - 4

Monday, October 5, 2015


Welcome everyone to my first Zombtober 2015 post! I've got all sorts of zombie goodness to work on this month, so we'll start with this pic of my overall workspace -

Yes there is a lot there. First priority is the 48 Revenants, 1 Necromancer and 2 Plague Pits from the SAGA Revenant box set. As you can see from the picture below, I've already started working on the metals.

Next up, a selection of modern zombies from Studio Miniatures.

I know these next ones aren't Zeds, but 4 Vampires and 7 Vampire Hunters, plus a few more Studio Miniatures Zeds.

And these are also Studio Miniatures Zeds, plus one Wargames Factory female zombie in lingerie, and a really fat Reaper female zombie.

Lastly, if I get Everything else done, I'd like to get the Reaper Bones Giant Worm and Steampunk Ape, and those 3 robots done for my post-apocalyptic settings done.

Think I've got my work cut out for me haha!

2015 Painted Figures - 100
2015 Finished Terrain - 13
2015 Games Played - 4

Thursday, September 17, 2015

6MMRPC 2.7 - French & Indian War (3): Last of the Hurons!

I have finally finished my Huron War Party for Muskets and Tomahawks.  Took me far too long, but I'm very very pleased with how they turned out!  Sorry for the terrible pictures, I really need to make a light box.

The completed war party in the case!

2015 Painted Figures - 100
2015 Finished Terrain - 13
2015 Games Played - 4

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

6MMRPC 2.6 - Cinema Personalities

Hey everyone! I'm back with another late update. I think I'm approx 8 weeks behind in my blog updates...Sorry about that but life has been nuts and it's about to get worse.  My uncle was diagnosed with Stomach and Pancreatic cancer, and my son has been having more seizures lately so I've got lots of travelling ahead to go to specialists etc. Positive thoughts would be appreciated for both of them.

On to the hobby stuff.  These superheroes are from the Heroclix range, carefully removed from their bases and mounted on my own, then the paint was touched up in places and they were given a wash.  I think they will work fine.

Captain America and The Incredible Hulk

The Captain!

They made him angry!
I haven't figured out a ruleset for my superhero gaming as of yet, but I'm leaning towards either Pulp Alley or one of the Song Of stable of rulesets.  

Next up is this figure that was supposed to be Lori Grimes from the Walking Dead.  I decided instead to paint her as close as I could (and I don't think I succeeded) to Agent Myka Bering from the TV show "Warehouse 13" which happens to be one of my favorites.  She will be seeing action in all sorts of adventures in the pursuit of the strange and amazing.

Secret Service Agent Myka Bering

Here is a close up of the base -  I used my Basius Urban Basing Pad to make it. Love the detail, but I need to continue experimenting with amount of greenstuff I use. It'll do for now. 

2015 Painted Figures - 93
2015 Finished Terrain - 13
2015 Games Played - 4

Monday, August 24, 2015

6MMRPC 2.5 - French & Indian War (2)

Well, here it is the end of August, almost halfway thru the challenge and I have hardly done anything to speak of. 

Now don't get me wrong, I have assembled over 200 more figures and undercoated them, I've organized my mountain fairly well, and I've done a lot of planning...just not much painting.

I did however finish these off today - 

4 Musket/Rifle armed Huron warriors

And these three bow armed Huron warriors. Only 6 more Hurons to finish and I'll be done with the warparty.

Below is my painting tray for the next several weeks -

Mix of more FIW, post apocalyptic, superheroes, and fantasy!

More updates coming soon!

2015 Painted Figures - 90
2015 Finished Terrain - 13
2015 Games Played - 2

Friday, June 19, 2015

6MMRPC 2.4 - French & Indian War (1)

So, after painting "The Last of the Mohicans" for my Dad for Father's Day , I decided I wanted to paint more FIW, so over the last 4 days I finished up - 

8 Huron Warriors. Sorry for the crappy pic. I gave my Dad his gift two days ago, and he stated that he wanted to play a game with them, so today, he and my youngest brother came down for a game of Muskets & Tomahawks. 

I did not take "in game" pics, due to the majority of the forces being (horror, gasp) unpainted, but I did take this picture of the table before deployment -

As you can see: the Blockhouse isn't painted yet, and I'm very terrain light at the moment. That will be rectified ASAP. I have a ton of plans and ideas for terrain and what not.

The game was excellent, fast paced, though it being only the 2nd time I've played, and Dad and my brothers first time, it took some getting used to. M&T is such a smooth, cinematic rule set, we loved it! We had three armies on the field - ignored the points values. Dad = Huron War Party, Brother = Canadian Militia, and I played the massively outnumbered British light infantry with Mohawk Allies.
I promise once my figures are all painted, I'll post up some proper battle reports.

To show you my WIP at the moment -

Needless to say, playing a game with unpainted figures is a huge motivator!

Also, rushing this morning, I finished off this small pond - 

Slow progress, but progress none the less!

2015 Painted Figures - 83
2015 Finished Terrain - 13
2015 Games Played - 2

Sunday, June 14, 2015

6MMRPC 2.3 Shadows of Brimstone Monster

So I cranked through another completed figure today. It's the largest monster from Shadows of Brimstone. 

I varnished it with a gloss varnish, and was debating doing a matte varnish but I think I kind of like the glossy/slimy look.

The thing I really like about painting the pieces from boardgames is that almost all of them can be used for other things.

2015 Painted Figures - 75
2015 Finished Terrain - 12
2015 Games Played - 1

6MMRPC 2.2 - The Last of the Mohicans

Here's my second update of the challenge and my first finished minis!  Oh and these are the first things I've painted since April, so glad to be getting back into the swing of things!

My father is who got me into wargaming in the first place many years ago.  He's never had a lot of time to put into the hobby raising us 8 kids, and during a lean year about 18 years ago, he sold off almost everything except his 1/72nd scale unassembled stuff.  

One of his favorite periods of history is The French & Indian War, and his favorite movie is Last of the Mohicans.  So, for Father's Day this year, I decided to paint up and present to him The Last of the Mohicans blister pack from Warlord Games.  Below you'll see how they came out.  I was actually a little disappointed in the quality of the sculpts...they'll do fine, but the detail was VERY shallow.  Anyways, I hope he likes them.

The Whole Set Together

Magua and Chingachgook 

Alice Munro and Hawkeye

Uncas and Cora Munro

I think they turned out ok.

2015 Painted Figures - 74
2015 Finished Terrain - 12
2015 Games - 1

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

6MMRPC 2.1 - Prepping

Hey y'all,
I've been working a ton of extra shifts at work as money is very tight (hence this challenge being originally developed last year). I'm late on posting, and I honestly have not painted a damn thing yet haha. Unless you count spray undercoating all the stuff I've assembled over the last 3 weeks!

Everything assembled so far.

My last order before the challenge. Legartha from the show "Vikings" from the Dice Bag Lady. She'll make an awesome shield maiden addition to my Viking forces. She's been assembled, sprayed and is waiting for paint! Also an artizan cowgirl.

Here's some kit bashed warrior monks/wizards I built for either Lion Rampant, Dragon Rampant, Frostgrave, or Mordheim.

Over the last 3 weeks I've assembled over 200 figures. Add that to the 300ish I already had assembled and primed, and I've got over 500 figures to choose from throughout the challenge! More updates coming soon!

Monday, May 11, 2015

THE 2nd ANNUAL 6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge!

Alright everybody, it's time for the 2nd Annual 6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge or 6MMRPC.  We've changed up the time frame - it's going to run from June 1, 2015 thru November 30, 2015.  This avoids Christmas.  There have also been a few rules changes, and some exciting additions IN BOLD.

1. No purchasing of new miniatures, EXCEPT if you use a joker.  You get three jokers to use on a figure purchase.  Could be a blister pack, an ebay bundle, or a single can't splurge. The only exception to this rule is if you need bitz or A FIGURE (Singular) to complete a unit/warband etc.

1.1 - There is an opportunity to "earn" additional jokers.  If you complete an entire project (whole unit/army/warband etc.) with pictures of starting, WIP, and completion, you earn yourself a Joker. 

2.  Gifts do not count against you. Holidays, birthdays etc. Also, if you're given gift cards by your hobby illiterate family or friends, you can without penalty use them on anything you want miniatures wise.

3.  Paints, terrain (or materials), and other hobby supplies do not apply to the no purchasing rule.

4.  At least one hobby related blog post and/or Instagram update a week.  If you instagram, be sure to hashtag your pic with #6MMRPC

5.  Zombtober will be part of the 6 month challenge so, Zombie related stuff during October is ENCOURAGED. Other theme suggestions are welcomed.

6.  Anyone that wants to submit a before and after picture of a miniature that they are proud of completing during the course of the challenge to will be entered into the running for a gift certificate to a online wargaming store of their choice.  Judging will be by an un-biased person.  Amount on the gift certificate will be dictated by winners nationality but should work out to about $30 U.S. I (Spiderweb of History) will not be eligible to win. 

So spread the word folks, and lets make this an even better challenge than the last!

For those looking for additional info about this madness, please check out -

6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge Master List 


The 6MMRPC Facebook Group 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

6MMRPC Wrap Up!

So. Here it is 2 months after the 1st Annual 6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge, or 6MMRPC ended and I'm just now getting around to doing my wrap up post. Whew I need to slow down and remove some stress from my life.

The challenge seemed to go over very well for the folks that participated. While not everyone followed the rules to the T, everybody has said they enjoyed it, and produced more in the 6 months than they had in a long time! So I'm chocking that up as a win! 

I personally took a lot of encouragement and fun from the challenge, and made some friends along the way. I sincerely hope everybody comes back for the 2ND Annual 6MMRPC!

I borrowed the soon to be copyrighted, and patented format that Mr. Brawley over at The Tower of the Archmage blog came up with. Thanks Dave!

Basically, a rehash of the "rules" followed by my success or lack there of:

1. No purchasing of new miniatures, EXCEPT if you use a joker card.  Like in a deck of cards, you get two jokers to use on a figure purchase.  Could be a blister pack, an ebay bundle, or a single can't splurge. 

I was accused of splurging when I bought the Space Hulk game from GW. Other than that, I don think I used my official 2nd joker. So I'm calling this one a success!

 2.  Gifts do not count against you. Christmas and or birthdays etc. Also, if you're given gift cards by your hobby illiterate family or friends, you can without penalty use them on anything you want miniatures wise.  

- I celebrated Christmas and my Bday during the challenge, and walked away with large quantities of miniatures and other wargaming materials, mountain actually grew ALOT. So while I didn't break the rules, I'm counting this as a FAIL.

 3.  Paints, terrain (or materials), and other hobby supplies do not apply to the no purchasing rule.

4.  At least one hobby related blog post and/or Instagram update a week.  If you instagram, be sure to hashtag your pic with #6MMRPC.

- This is a mixed bag of success. I was terrible at posting every week. But I did have many blog posts and Instagram photos throughout. I'm counting this as a success!

 5.  Zombtober will be part of the 6 month challenge so, Zombie related stuff during October is ENCOURAGED. 

- Other than Dark Ages, my zombie apocalypse collection saw a huge boost in finished items. So, SUCCESS!

Here are a few stats - then I'll post my favorite pics from the challenge:

Total Figs Painted During the Challenge = 120 Figures

Finished Terrain Pieces = 17

Those are my favorites. Stay tuned for news very soon of the 2nd Annual 6MMRPC!