Monday, July 29, 2019

Survivors & Boardgame Figures

Quick update - On the left: Finished Reaper Chronoscope Zombie Apocalypse Survivor. On the right: "Not Herschel" from Studio Miniatures. Love both of these figures. Super fun to paint up.

Left - Reaper Survivor. Right - Herschel from Studio Miniatures
Next, we have a couple boardgame figures in the continuing saga of trying to be able to play them with painted bits. Mythic Battles: Pantheon goddess Athena, and Zombicide: Black Plague Plague Doctor. 

Rather annoyed I missed that mold line on the back of his head.

2019 Finished Figures - 88
2019 Finished Terrain - 19
2019 Games Played - 3

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

MOP Campaign Figures

Back with more finished figures. This time, ones for my rapidly expanding plans for The Ministry of the Occult & Paranormal globe spanning campaign.

We'll start off by introducing this lovely figure from Bad Squiddo Games - My Last Sunrise Gothic Horror range .  Female Vampire Huntress and for the purposes of my project - Fraulein Genevieve Von Krakow of the Order of the Jagers.  

She was a joy to paint up.  I highly recommend Annie's figures!

Next up we have - Agent Bill Schmidt of the American contingent (Reaper Bones), and Father Gregory Dinklage of the Royal Army (Warlord Games).  Both of whom were A LOT of fun to paint up!

Finally, we have to generic Victorian gents from the "In Her Majesties Name" range from North Star. They are very crisp and easy to paint sculpts.

I'm quite excited to be making progress on this project and it's finally feeling like I may be getting close to being able to kick off the campaign!

2019 Finished Figures - 84
2019 Finished Terrain - 19
2019 Games Played - 3

Sunday, July 21, 2019

FIW Civilians, Zombicide:Black Plague and some Terrain

These were actually finished back in May, but I had a varnishing muckup on a humid day so I got very unmotivated very quickly.  Finally getting around to fixing them and getting them posted.

First up - 4 FIW/AWI 28mm Civilians from Warlord Games.  Painted up easily, decent detail, just a tad on the short side. I personally don't mind that as, "everyone is different" but if you're a scale warned.

Next we have four Zombicide: Black Plague Survivors. I absolutely love all the minis that CMON has created for all their games and these are no different.  They'll be used for Fantasy or Medieval gaming as well as the boardgame.

Finally, we have some 28mm Jersey Barriers for modern, sci-fi, or post apoc games.  I believe they're from Armorcast.

2019 Finished Figures - 79
2019 Finished Terrain - 19
2019 Games Played - 3