Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Pre Christmas Hobbying

Finally trying to get a more "up to date" update schedule going to fit in with the fact that with all the crap going on in the world - I am desperately trying to enforce my standard rule of at least 15 minutes of hobbying/painting a day to help de-stress. It really does help. So, without further ado - 

Completed 4 more Gripping Beast 54mm Gladiators, giving me a total of 6 done. More than enough for a game, so will hopefully be able to make that happen soon. 

Assembled a 4Ground 28mm Wagon that'll be very useful in a variety of games and periods!

Finished this 15mm garage/workshop/back garden shed in a continuation of expanding my European buildings for Chain of Command etc. Really need to get on with further terrain building for this as I need pretty much everything for a battlefield - roads, hedges, streams, rivers, farm fields etc.

First five 20mm Insurgents finished, going to need to get these forces built up to a minimum of 45 figures eventually for various historical and "what if" scenarios.

Finished another "28mm" Bob Olley Steampunk Dwarf. I put 28mm in "" because while they are lovely sculpts and a LOT of fun to paint...they are bloody huge chunky figures and I'm not sure what to use them for as they don't match up with anything else I have.

Finished these two Pulp Figures - Gun Mollie and a gold Statue. Love them both. They're sculpted by Bob Murch up in Canada at Pulp Figures. I highly recommend all of his ranges!

So, that's what I've been working on since my last update. Further posts coming soon on several subjects to include Naval Wargaming, Mental Health, virtual wargaming, and various other projects and subjects. Also need to do my plan for next year post. Stay Safe and Merry Christmas!

2020 Painted Figures - 231 
2020 Finished Terrain - 14 
2020 Games Played - 6 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Another Mass Update (I really need to be better about this)

Another mass update as I'm still painting loads but not blogging to save my life. I swear I'll do better, if only for the simple fact of keeping track of stuff. Here we go with a breakdown of what I've done since the beginning of August.

Six 15mm Werewolves for a future "Dog Soldiers" Scenario I have planned.

Two excellent "Foo Dogs" from Fenris Games. These were a lot of fun to paint. I apologize for the terrible photos!

Victorian Lady from the In Her Majesties Name range.

Two Warlord Partisans that will probably see use as either IRA circa 1922 or Israeli's circa 1920-1948.

Bad Squiddo dwarf warrior for any fantasy system!

Wizard and Apprentice for Frostgrave/Mordheim etc. Kitbash of Fireforge and Northstar plastics. I'm pretty pleased with the hand-painted cloaks.

"There's a new Sheriff in town". I believe he's from Great Escape Games.

Another 4 Goblin Town Goblins from GW.

Four Amazons from Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Slowly grinding through the mass of figures for it.

Steampunk figures from the In Her Majesties Name range.

Heroes and Leaders from "The Battle of Five Armies".

Swarms of Bugs for my Necrons.

Destroyers for my Necrons.

Two Regiments of 6mm dismounted CSA Cavalry.

Bad Squiddo Dwarf Wizard/Witch. She may be one of my favorite minis done this year.

French Marines for French Indian War.

Chaos Champion for one of my Mordheim gangs.

Ruga Ruga for some Pulp fun. This was a free figure from Pulp Figures when I placed an order earlier this year.

Bob Olly Victorian Dwarf.

Fenris Game Chaos Cultist. Will be used in Mordheim.

Guildball Farmers Terrain. Obviously can be used for other games as well. 

Crooked Dice Insmouth Folk. Such lovely figures to paint.

Guildball Farmer

Two Gripping Beast Gladiators

Whew. That's a lot. Mainly because even though the US has not managed this pandemic well, the wife and I have basically been doing our own Lockdown except for going to the grocery store and work. I do hope you all have as good a Christmas as possible, and stay safe!

2020 Painted Figures - 220

2020 Finished Terrain - 11

2020 Games Played - 5


Thursday, August 20, 2020

What I've Been Up to in 2020 So Far

Whew. It's been a long year so far eh guys? And it's only the 900th day of March.  I've been radio silent for awhile mainly due to Covid-19, working, moving house, a knee injury and frankly...just not having the mental capacity to blog. But I'm going to try and turn that around starting now.

So, during this global pandemic, I've taken the plunge and am currently running Call of Cthulhu for a rather large group of people in 5 different groups! It's been fun and incredibly challenging. Planning on doing a full write up in a later post.

I've also been painting, Quite a bit actually, so...let's break it down - 


Three Corpse Grinders for Necromunda.

Escher Gang members and a terrain piece for Necromunda

Javelin armed skirmishers for the Dark Ages.

Couple of Dark Age Zombies.

Zombie Kid and Survivor Cheech.

Couple of Victorian Horror Characters

Druid for Ancients or a Cultist for Horror

Katrina Van Helsing

Couple more Corpse Grinders and some Objective Markers for Necromunda.

4 More Victorian Horror Characters

Dead Man's Hand Gang

Weeping Angels

More Dark Age Zombies

A Regiment of Skellie Archers for either 9th Age, KoW, or WFB.

A Platoon of US Airborne for WW2 using Chain of Command

6mm Texas Infantry and Cavalry for ACW.

6mm Farmhouse for ACW

Tree Stumps as 15mm or 28mm Scatter Terrain

15mm Western European/Dutch Water Mill

Starter Skaven Warband for Mordheim.

Beastmen as a part of my Cult of the Possessed Warband for Mordheim.

15mm Western European Shop.

 2x bases of Skirmishers/Archers in 20mm for ancients gaming.

Pretty productive year so far. I'm guessing that'll continue as well since we're still isolating here in my house.

I sincerely hope you all are stay safe and well!

Keeper Dave out.

2020 Painted Figures - 137  

2020 Finished Terrain - 8

2020 Games Played - 4