Monday, October 20, 2014

Zombicanus II

War Encampment - II Legion
Brittania, 135mi north of the wall.

This dispatch may not reach you. Our encampment is surrounded. The reports of the dead walking are true...our legion encountered several villages full of rotting celtii walking about...when our men came into view, they were attacked and while the corpses were dispatched, several of the men were bitten. Our medicos weren't too worried, and then our men fell ill with a terrible fever and died. Laid out for burial, they must have rose thru the night and attacked several men. It's been hell ever since. The clash of arms has drew many more of the dead celtii from the surrounding region, and as we throw our dead over the walls of our camp, it adds to the ranks of the dead.

Gods help us.

Our few scouts that have gotten out and been able to return have spoke of celtii leaving on small boats towards that island to the West. If this reaches you, impress upon the senate that we need reinforcements on the island. If by some miracle we survive, then we'll need them to help subdue the dead...if, as I think is more likely, we all die, the IV Legion will need help holding us all back at the wall. 



  1. So cool. Romans would have a better chance of zombie survival imo though as Gladius' don't run out of ammo!