Saturday, October 19, 2013


So a friend of mine invited me to join a challenge for the month of October called ZOMBTOBER. It's not a contest or competition, just a challenge to see how many zombies I can get painted up before November.

So for y'all's is my progress.


Enjoy! Comments and critique welcome!

Friday, October 18, 2013

So After a Long Hiatus...

I'm back. Kind of, sort of haha.

It's been a long (I can't even remember how long) time since I last updated/posted anything on here, and to my few followers I do sincerely apologize.  Speaking of followers, I'd like to shout out to Andy, over at Welcome buddy!

So what have I been up to...hmmm where to start? Okay, so on the home front, I'm no longer in WV.  I accepted a substantially better job in KS, which is where I am from, and have moved my base of operations back to the midwest. Life, school, and my son have taken up almost all my time, hence the lack of blogging.  I do believe though that that is going to change dramatically as things calm down.

On the hobby front, I have been slowly discovering bits and pieces, planning, learning a lot about painting, and actually painting some figures (shocking, yes!).  This move halfway across country and the packing and sorting and unpacking that it has required brought home a couple of things as I was packing away the mass of unpainted plastic and lead I have:

  1.  I am WOEFULLY scatterbrained
  2. I don't have enough time
  3. I get (not bored) but tired of big projects at times (Lets call it "Hobby ADD")
  4. I'm a mediocre painter 
  5. I do not have the money to do everything I'd like to do
So, to solve all these "problems", I've actually been putting quite a bit of thought into each one.

I'm going to talk about #'s 1, 2, and 5 first.  Being scatterbrained, not having enough time, and not having enough money can all be solved by some simple steps: Discipline in purchasing, planning things (to an extent), and carefully choosing scale.  

For instance - I have American Civil War figures in 6mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 1/32.  How in bloody hell does that make any sense, either monetarily or time-wise? Especially considering I have zero desire to do any sort of skirmish gaming for ACW.  So I sat down and had to decide how to solve this problem.  

Solution: I REALLY like Baccus 6mm figures, and the Polemos rules that go with them, AND the fact that for the price of maybe 50-100 larger minis, I can buy almost 1,000 6mm lads. So, I'm going with 6mm for ACW gaming, which allows me to PLAN my purchases or acquisitions, saves me TIME in that I'm not jacking around with a bunch of projects in different scales, and saves me MONEY by downscaling.  Now, what to do with all those other figures in the other scales...that'll be the subject of another blog post.

Problem #3 - I've decided that since I have sooo many projects and armies started but nowhere near finished, and because I have "Hobby ADD" that I'm not really going to force myself to finish specific projects.  In my mind that would ruin the fun of painting and creating.  So, my whole plan now is to map out what I want to do with each project, and then as the whim or lack there of hits on bits and pieces.

Problem #4 - Solution is simple. Paint more. I'm slowly improving which y'all will have evidence of soon.

So what can you valiant followers of my ramblings expect to see coming up - 
  • Future Plans
  • Current WIP's
  • Some figure, rules, and book reviews.
  • ZOMBTOBER project update
  • A whole helluva lot more pictures!
Stay tuned and as always, comments are more than welcome!