Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Zombtober 2014 #2

Time for my next round of zombies.  Now I must admit, some of these were half finished from last year, so the work put in was not too bad at all.

These three Zeds are Wargames Factory plastics...on first opening the box I thought they were terrible...assembly was a pain in the @ss and there was not a lot of variety in poses.  Oh what a paint job will do!

These two - Left is a Studio Miniatures Tiny Terrors sculpt, painted in Oregon Ducks Colors.  Right is my attempt at making a slightly older Black Sabbath fan out of a WF plastic.

These two = Left is a Reaper Zombie Doctor. Right is also a Studio Miniatures Tiny Terrors Sculpt.

I'm posting better pics of these HazMat Team members due to a request.  Again, they're from Hasslefree and were a joy to paint. No cleanup needed!

Hope y'all enjoy this zombie goodness!


  1. Oof, those WG sculpts are awful. I'll stay well clear then. Shame, cos it looks like their female zeds look pretty good.

    1. The female zombies are by far better sculpts than the male zombies. I've got a box of each, and as Spider W.H. says, the male's are a terror to look at and clean, but once painted they're not too bad. It's the lack of variety that let's the male zombies down, from WGF.

  2. the wargames factory zeds are pretty poor, but you've done a good job on these

  3. Looking good. I really like those tiny terrors.
    I've just painted up some of those WGF male zombies myself, funnily enough.

  4. Wow, you've been busy, great job Sir.

  5. Nice work dude!
    WGF male zombies was where I started my zombie journey.

  6. Most of my horde is based on WF zombies, and the lack of variation makes them much less fun to build and paint, but they do make a great horde...