Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Soviets, Star Wars, and Dark Age Fantasy

So, here's my first update of the 3MMRPC. It's been a busy week on both the painting and gaming front. We'll detail the painting below, but on the gaming front - I've had to intro games of GuildBall and I must say that I love it! My next update will have my soon to be finished starter set of butchers, planning and thoughts on my scratchbuilt goal and the pitch I'm building.  Confession time, I spent my last two jokers on fleshing out my team, they should be arriving soon. 

Now, on to what I've finished this week - 
Thirty one 15mm Soviet Infantry Platoon for Chain of Command. Their Wehrmacht opponents are on the paint tray for later in the challenge.

Han Solo and Luke Skywalker for Imperial Assault. 

An old Ral Partha figure that I will be using as Melisandre from Game of Thrones Dragon Rampant games.

Shieldmaiden from Bad Squiddo Games. I'm not the best freehand painter of designs, or very good at eyes sooooo I didn't do this figure justice.

2016 Painted Figures - 46
2016 Finished Terrain - 1
2016 Games Played - 4

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pre-Challenge Work - Frostgrave and a Tank

So in the month that I've been home, I've worked really hard (HA!) to get my Frostgrave warband ready for action.  Below are my results.

Sigilist Band, with Sigilist and Apprentice, Ranger, Thief, 2x Infantrymen, Crossbowman, Knight, Archer, and Marksman.

Close up of the Sigilist and Apprentice, both from North Star's Frostgrave Range.

Close up of the Ranger and Thief. Merry and Aragorn from GW's Lord of the Rings game. 

Two Infantrymen from FireForge's Teutonic Infantry box, and a Perry Knight.  I attempted to paint the House Bolton Sigil from Game of Thrones, as these guys will also see service in my House Bolton force for Dragon Rampant.

Marksman and Archer, both from the Perry English Army box, and a Crossbowman from the Fireforge Teutonic Infantry set.

Last but not least - a 15mm T-34 for use with my Chain of Command and I Ain't Been Shot Mum Soviet forces. Yes I base my vehicles!

And here's a shot of my workbench for the 3MMRPC...I'm insane!

2016 Painted Figures - 11
2016 Finished Terrain - 1
2016 Games Played - 2

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Long Hiatus and the return of the 6MMRPC

Hey all, it's been a very very long time since I've posted. I was deployed to the Middle East for awhile and had spotty connectivity. That being said, I'm now home and ready to get kicking on the wargaming front again!

So, we're kicking off the 3 annual painting challenge TOMORROW, September 15th, and it will run through December 15th. We're only doing 3 months mainly because 6 months is a long time to not buy minis and it'll end before Christmas...easing the guilt haha. I will be tagging posts associated with this challenge as "3MMRPC".

Expect more entries to be posted up soon!