Friday, November 28, 2014

The Information Acquisition Operatives of "The State"

Finally finished painting the first official gang for "Across the Dead Earth"! Loads of character and again, SUPER clean sculpts!

I give you, the Information Acquisition Operatives of "The State" -

Had a lot of fun painting these lads. I went for a mix mash of colors and camo that I think holds up to the idea of scavenging items from army depots, surplus stores etc. Once I can figure out how to make some soda cans, I'll be dressing up the bases a bit more and maybe adding some grass tufts and the odd flower, but as Christmas is coming, no money to spare atm. Anyways, hope you like 'em!

Next up, probably the "Red Claw" gang!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

6MMRPC - A Start on WW2 Japanese and ???

Well, you can definitely tell I've been parenting vs hobbying. My son is here for my month with him (that happens every other month), and the Thanksgiving holiday so my hobby time has been limited to maybe an hour or two at night after he's in bed. 

Hence why it's taken me so long to finish this update. But, it's worth it. This post will showcase 12 finished figures, AND, 2 small terrain items!

First up, the beginning of my 1/72 or 20mm plastic Japanese platoon for Chain of Command by the Lardies -

Platoon Leader and Sergeant. (The Japanese titles escape me atm.) 

Next we have a mortar section, the gent with the rifle over his head is the corporal in charge of the section - 

These are a mix of Revell and ESCI Japanese Infantry sets...the quality of the Revell figures is much higher than the ESCI ones, though they were all a pain in the anatomy to clean up mold lines on. I'm happy with the game quality paint job, and look forward to finishing the platoon, and their ANZAC and USMC opponents. My one main concern with this project is the amount of same pose figures there are in each set...may have to do some searching for other manufacturers because as these next three pics show; I need a lot of bloody men - 

Moving on. Ok, so these next figures started painting life way back in late 2011 when I first got back into wargaming, and had hardly any paints. They were meant to be US Long Range Recon Patrol troopers for Vietnam, but I personally thing they're too dark green to match up. Soooo I'll either have to fudge on historical painting accuracy, or, use them as something else. I haven't decided yet. Maybe both.

They're also 1/72 plastic idea the manufacturer. Terribly detailed. Actually had to hand paint on some of the rucksack straps. 

Lastly, I finished two quick bases for single trees. I'm pretty happy with them and they definitely have some weight to them which should help with preventing the trees from being knocked over by the errant arm sweep - 

Anyways, it feels really good to knock out another 12 figures, and my paint desk is still quite full. My next post will probably be my first finished gang for Across the Dead Earth. 

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Current Projects...he's insane folks.

Ok, so roughly 20 folks give or take started this Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge back on September 1st...I, and most others had some sort of plan as to how we were going to proceed. Well, I'm here to tell ya dear readers that my "plan" has gone completely out the bloody window. Sort of. 

Everything that was on the plan is still there. The major muck up in the plan is that now...all the components (or parts/units/armies thereof) are now sat firmly ON my workbench. I severely suffer from painting boredom i.e. Painting the same thing night after night, and my mind has adjusted to where I'll work on something till I'm bored, then move to a different period, genre, unit, army, terrain piece etc. It may sound insane but it works for me.

So here is the list of current projects in the works -

Dark Ages - Rulesets: SAGA and Dux Brit. Armies - Anglo Danes, Vikings, Welsh, Romano-British, Picts, Saxons and Anglo-Saxons. (Side note - my girlfriend is in the process of building a strathclyde welsh force). Most of that is 28mm, but I do have several packs of 15mm that I'm still trying to decide what I want to use them for.

Sword & Spear - Imperial Romans, Celts, Republican Romans, and Carthaginians. All in 20mm Plastics.

Muskets & Tomahawks - French, British, Indian, and Colonial Militia. All 28mm.

ACW - Rulesets: Either Polemus or Black Powder. Haven't decided yet. This is all 6mm and its both Union and Confederate...roughly 2200 6mm figures...did I mention I'm crazy?

Chain of Command - two bloody scales. 20mm ANZAC's and Japanese, and 28mm Germans, Finnish, Soviets, and Polish. Also playing with a Partisan force for use against either the Germans or the Soviets.

I Ain't Been Shot Mum - 15mm German and Soviets. (Side note - My brother is currently building Americans.)

Arab-Israeli Wars - GHQ MicroArmor. Don't have a ruleset as of yet. Suggestions?

ACW 2.0 Moderns - Rulesets: Force on Force and/or Flying Lead. Government, Rebel, and Foreign Interventionist Forces. 20mm plastics with potential for some skirmishes in 28mm.

Space Hulk - All the figures from the game set.

Post-Apoc/Zombie-Apoc - Rulesets: Across the Dead Earth, Ambush Z, Flying Lead, Songs of Fear and Faith. All 28mm.

Good God...I may need an intervention. On a positive note, since the challenge started 2.5 Months ago, I've completed damn near 60 figures...that's more than I'd completed in 3 years combined.

Thank You

Just wanted to take a moment to thank the veterans. It's an honor to serve with you. God bless and check your six. 

PS - I'm not 100% sure on the dates for other nations Veterans Day, but thank you also to the veterans of foreign lands who've stood beside us...we may speak different languages, but y'all are my brothers and sisters too. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Levy Incoming

Been chipping away at my dark age forces...I've got a large hill of unpainted dark age stuff.  So here's some Levy I've finished up over the last 4 days.

First up, some kit bashed GB Plastics -

The nice thing about these is that they're generic. I could use them for pretty much any army of the dark ages.

And I also finished up the Pict Slingers!

I love the energy in these sculpts!  Loads of character and a lot of fun to paint!  Side note - That's a whole blister finished.  Oh boy...actually finishing stuff?!

Monday, November 3, 2014

6MMRPC Zombtober Finale!

Yes it's late.  Yes these were all finished in Zombtober proper.  Work has been insane lately, as I worked 2 48hr shifts with a day off in between that was spent mostly sleeping.  Did get a pretty decent commercial structure fire in a used appliance store though.  Here is a pic of my helmet that started the shift clean and ended it at 0330 in the morning looking like this -

Anyways...on to the final finished mini's for Zombtober 2014.

"Mike you ain't gonna believe this shit! Poor ol' bastard.  Survived 70+ years surrounded by beautiful women just to get turned while drinking coffee!"  

Yes folks...Hugh Hefner. Zombiefied.

Also pretty pleased with how the camo coat turned out on my Zombie Hunter.  Both of these are from Studio Miniatures.

Next up, some survivors...lovely ones at that. Both from Reaper.

The gal on the right will be a Biker Babe for my planned Biker Gang's Leader.

And here is Nurse Millie, from the Psychiatric hospital where it is believed the Outbreak started - 

Dutifully carrying her tray of pill bottles full of experimental drugs for the criminally insane.........starting to pick up on the fluff????

And finally - 

These two intrepid Hasslefree Police.  These guys are going to see service not only against the Zeds, but also in my planned American Civil War 2.0 campaign, as well as some other odds n sods.

So...Zombtober 2014 = Success!