Thursday, August 20, 2020

What I've Been Up to in 2020 So Far

Whew. It's been a long year so far eh guys? And it's only the 900th day of March.  I've been radio silent for awhile mainly due to Covid-19, working, moving house, a knee injury and frankly...just not having the mental capacity to blog. But I'm going to try and turn that around starting now.

So, during this global pandemic, I've taken the plunge and am currently running Call of Cthulhu for a rather large group of people in 5 different groups! It's been fun and incredibly challenging. Planning on doing a full write up in a later post.

I've also been painting, Quite a bit actually, so...let's break it down - 


Three Corpse Grinders for Necromunda.

Escher Gang members and a terrain piece for Necromunda

Javelin armed skirmishers for the Dark Ages.

Couple of Dark Age Zombies.

Zombie Kid and Survivor Cheech.

Couple of Victorian Horror Characters

Druid for Ancients or a Cultist for Horror

Katrina Van Helsing

Couple more Corpse Grinders and some Objective Markers for Necromunda.

4 More Victorian Horror Characters

Dead Man's Hand Gang

Weeping Angels

More Dark Age Zombies

A Regiment of Skellie Archers for either 9th Age, KoW, or WFB.

A Platoon of US Airborne for WW2 using Chain of Command

6mm Texas Infantry and Cavalry for ACW.

6mm Farmhouse for ACW

Tree Stumps as 15mm or 28mm Scatter Terrain

15mm Western European/Dutch Water Mill

Starter Skaven Warband for Mordheim.

Beastmen as a part of my Cult of the Possessed Warband for Mordheim.

15mm Western European Shop.

 2x bases of Skirmishers/Archers in 20mm for ancients gaming.

Pretty productive year so far. I'm guessing that'll continue as well since we're still isolating here in my house.

I sincerely hope you all are stay safe and well!

Keeper Dave out.

2020 Painted Figures - 137  

2020 Finished Terrain - 8

2020 Games Played - 4