Tuesday, October 13, 2015

6MMRPC 2.9 First Finished Zeds for Zombtober

So here we are almost two weeks into Zombtober, and I'm just now getting this post up. Life has a way of throwing wrenches, but I hope you all like these offerings!

First up, we have one of my favorite of the excellent Studio Miniatures zombie figures - the walking dead in a body bag! What a great figure!

Then, we have my first finished Revenant from the Saga Revenent boxed set - A Revenant Monk!

And finally, a piece of scatter terrain for modern zombie games. I think this piece will fit perfectly with the Aid Tent I painted up last Zombtober!

A slightly washed out pic of some of the detail - blood in the grass etc.

Hope you enjoyed 'em!

2015 Painted Figures - 102
2015 Finished Terrain - 14
2015 Games Played - 4


  1. Very much like that terrain piece! Your mix of flocks, etc makes for a rather realistic finished result.

    Good stuff sir. More revenents like that and they'll be a splendid group!

  2. Just love the "boil in a bag" zombie - had be sniggering like a schoolgirl.
    The terrain pieceis absoilutely superb too great bit of modelling

  3. Brilliant, I must get one of those body bag zombies. I love the scatter terrain too, fabulous job Sir.

  4. the body bag zombie is my favorite. I want that one too.

  5. Lovely work man! The bodybagger is great and a wonderful SM sculpt. The revenant is brilliant - I definitely need a pack of these to cover a number of different periods/genres. Finally, the terrain piece will indeed fit in very well with last year's gory tent! Keep up the awesome work - it's making me feel very guilty! I must get an update up ASAP (I'm always slow to get started with Zomtober!). Moreeeee please!

  6. Great work dude! Love the bodybag zed and that scenery piece looks really good.