Friday, November 28, 2014

The Information Acquisition Operatives of "The State"

Finally finished painting the first official gang for "Across the Dead Earth"! Loads of character and again, SUPER clean sculpts!

I give you, the Information Acquisition Operatives of "The State" -

Had a lot of fun painting these lads. I went for a mix mash of colors and camo that I think holds up to the idea of scavenging items from army depots, surplus stores etc. Once I can figure out how to make some soda cans, I'll be dressing up the bases a bit more and maybe adding some grass tufts and the odd flower, but as Christmas is coming, no money to spare atm. Anyways, hope you like 'em!

Next up, probably the "Red Claw" gang!


  1. Super stuff. Lovely camo; especially the winter one. Nice muted browns too which really tie in with your idea of them being scavengers.

  2. That is really looking great! Well done on the paintjobs mate!!!

  3. I do like the colours and tones you've used. Great job dude!

  4. These look great. Love the camo trousers especially.

  5. I like their colour/camo schemes a lot, they do look the part of a PA unit.
    As for tins, what about circular cross-section sprue, cut to length ?