Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Current Projects...he's insane folks.

Ok, so roughly 20 folks give or take started this Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge back on September 1st...I, and most others had some sort of plan as to how we were going to proceed. Well, I'm here to tell ya dear readers that my "plan" has gone completely out the bloody window. Sort of. 

Everything that was on the plan is still there. The major muck up in the plan is that now...all the components (or parts/units/armies thereof) are now sat firmly ON my workbench. I severely suffer from painting boredom i.e. Painting the same thing night after night, and my mind has adjusted to where I'll work on something till I'm bored, then move to a different period, genre, unit, army, terrain piece etc. It may sound insane but it works for me.

So here is the list of current projects in the works -

Dark Ages - Rulesets: SAGA and Dux Brit. Armies - Anglo Danes, Vikings, Welsh, Romano-British, Picts, Saxons and Anglo-Saxons. (Side note - my girlfriend is in the process of building a strathclyde welsh force). Most of that is 28mm, but I do have several packs of 15mm that I'm still trying to decide what I want to use them for.

Sword & Spear - Imperial Romans, Celts, Republican Romans, and Carthaginians. All in 20mm Plastics.

Muskets & Tomahawks - French, British, Indian, and Colonial Militia. All 28mm.

ACW - Rulesets: Either Polemus or Black Powder. Haven't decided yet. This is all 6mm and its both Union and Confederate...roughly 2200 6mm figures...did I mention I'm crazy?

Chain of Command - two bloody scales. 20mm ANZAC's and Japanese, and 28mm Germans, Finnish, Soviets, and Polish. Also playing with a Partisan force for use against either the Germans or the Soviets.

I Ain't Been Shot Mum - 15mm German and Soviets. (Side note - My brother is currently building Americans.)

Arab-Israeli Wars - GHQ MicroArmor. Don't have a ruleset as of yet. Suggestions?

ACW 2.0 Moderns - Rulesets: Force on Force and/or Flying Lead. Government, Rebel, and Foreign Interventionist Forces. 20mm plastics with potential for some skirmishes in 28mm.

Space Hulk - All the figures from the game set.

Post-Apoc/Zombie-Apoc - Rulesets: Across the Dead Earth, Ambush Z, Flying Lead, Songs of Fear and Faith. All 28mm.

Good God...I may need an intervention. On a positive note, since the challenge started 2.5 Months ago, I've completed damn near 60 figures...that's more than I'd completed in 3 years combined.


  1. Best laid plans and all that! You certainly have a lot on the go at the moment!

  2. As long as you're doing a bit of painting each day, eventually they'll all get done.

  3. One at a time dude, one at a time.

  4. 2200 6mm figures!!!??? You ARE insane...

    Just don't get overwhelmed mate. Keep switching from project to project every now and then and your progress should remain consistent.

  5. Slow progress is still progress. Although you may want to extend or renew the 6 month challenge. :) Maybe after it's done, we should do a 12 month challenge. Or a speed challenge to do x figures in x days. haha

    Either way, embrace the crazy. It can be great company. :D

    1. Spiro, I think this is going to become an annual thing though I think I'm going to suggest it be the second half of a year.

  6. Good Lord, man! I would get overwhelmed and suffer a nervous breakdown if I tried to switch gears that drastically and rapidly. My best advice: don't suffer from insanity, just enjoy every minute of it. :-) If that works for you and you are happy with your progress, then roll with it. As long as you eventually close the books on large groups, climbing at least the foothills of your "lead" mountain, it's all good.