Monday, November 3, 2014

6MMRPC Zombtober Finale!

Yes it's late.  Yes these were all finished in Zombtober proper.  Work has been insane lately, as I worked 2 48hr shifts with a day off in between that was spent mostly sleeping.  Did get a pretty decent commercial structure fire in a used appliance store though.  Here is a pic of my helmet that started the shift clean and ended it at 0330 in the morning looking like this -

Anyways...on to the final finished mini's for Zombtober 2014.

"Mike you ain't gonna believe this shit! Poor ol' bastard.  Survived 70+ years surrounded by beautiful women just to get turned while drinking coffee!"  

Yes folks...Hugh Hefner. Zombiefied.

Also pretty pleased with how the camo coat turned out on my Zombie Hunter.  Both of these are from Studio Miniatures.

Next up, some survivors...lovely ones at that. Both from Reaper.

The gal on the right will be a Biker Babe for my planned Biker Gang's Leader.

And here is Nurse Millie, from the Psychiatric hospital where it is believed the Outbreak started - 

Dutifully carrying her tray of pill bottles full of experimental drugs for the criminally insane.........starting to pick up on the fluff????

And finally - 

These two intrepid Hasslefree Police.  These guys are going to see service not only against the Zeds, but also in my planned American Civil War 2.0 campaign, as well as some other odds n sods.

So...Zombtober 2014 = Success!


  1. Great finish to Zombtober dude!
    Really nice paintwork, Hugh Hefner is fucking classic dude!

  2. Well done that man - on all fronts! Love these final additions, but the hunter and Hugh definitely steal the show for me.

  3. What a great end to your Zomtober!

    Those police are in some amazing poses.

    Hugh Heffner the zombie? Fan-flippin-tastic.

  4. Great end to the challenge, the reaper nurse is my favourite out of this excellent.selection.