Friday, December 24, 2021

6MMRPC - Pulp/Gothic/Eldritch Horror (2)

In my continuing saga of horror gaming, I've been pushing through a bunch of stuff since November 1st and the beginning of the 6MMRPC. Below, you'll find finished Pulp, Gothic, and Eldritch horror stuff.

Johnathan Harker from Dracula. Sculpted and produced by West Wind for "Empire of the Dead" - 

1928 US Marines. Will they survive Innsmouth? Produced by Bob Murch at Pulp Figures - 

Fenris the Wolf, produced by Bad Squiddo Games - 

Hobgoblin and 2 Children of the Mob - 

3x Reaper Mummies - 

2x Ghoul Mothers from Bad Squiddo Games - 

The Sacrifice - 

Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers, 3d Printed from files from Black Site Studios - 

Ritual Circle and Creepy Well, bits of scatter terrain - 

A Witch from a Baba Yaga set I got off etsy. Six more witches to come - 

Sasquatch and Giant Scorpion - 

Pulp Farmer and a Chupacabra - 

A lot done with many more to come!

2021 Finished Figures - 606 
2021 Finished Terrain - 17
2021 Games Played - 5


  1. Awesome productivity this year. Any obvious strategies that led to this year 'working' for you?

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