Thursday, April 15, 2021

Warhammer Old World Campaigns (1)


In days past, when life was just the slightest bit calmer - The Empire attempted to begin colonizing The Southlands. 

Thus the city of Sudenburg was founded. Eventually, the province of Antoch, and the Tuskar Plains were added to this colony of man. But, as wars came and the resources of The Empire were stretched thin, humans had to withdraw somewhat. Now, the Tuskar Plains are a lawless, ungoverned place; and Antoch has been abandoned to Araby.

Meanwhile, the Tomb Kings rise and begin to move towards conquest, while the Lizardmen begin probing northwards. Skirmishing has been noted in the Tuskar Plains, and tis only a matter of time before the armies of the Kings and Lizards meet. 

We’ll use this as a jumping off/test point for rulesets. Small battles in the Tuskar Plains that at this point don’t have any bearing on the campaign but allow us to narratively explain our rules testing.

We’ll be trying out -

Kings of War


Fantastic Battles

Sword & Spear Fantasy

Warhammer Fantasy Battles

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  1. Fun stuff! I'll love to hear your thoughts on various rulesets. I have to find the fantasy set to rule them all.