Thursday, March 25, 2021

Catching Up on January - March

It's been a rough year so far - came off quarantine after recovering from COVID, and then had to go off immediately again because my mother became very ill and then passed away. So, painting and hobbying have been a major stress relief for me; and while I haven't posted much; I've definitely been somewhat productive.

I'm very much planning on doing better about posting more as I finish things; and there are loads of projects on the go. Hopefully one of which will be showcased in the next couple days! Now, lets see what I've been up to -

Zombicide Black Plague Necromancer

28mm Pulp Hero from Pulp Figures

1/2400 CSS Manassas

28mm Flock of Sheep from Gripping Beast

Three more 28mm Pulp Heroes from either Pulp Figures or Crooked Dice

Ten 28mm Bolshevik/Soviet Infantry from Baker Company


2021 Painted Figures: - 20

2021 Finished Terrain - 1

2021 Games Played - 0

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