Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Another Mass Update (I really need to be better about this)

Another mass update as I'm still painting loads but not blogging to save my life. I swear I'll do better, if only for the simple fact of keeping track of stuff. Here we go with a breakdown of what I've done since the beginning of August.

Six 15mm Werewolves for a future "Dog Soldiers" Scenario I have planned.

Two excellent "Foo Dogs" from Fenris Games. These were a lot of fun to paint. I apologize for the terrible photos!

Victorian Lady from the In Her Majesties Name range.

Two Warlord Partisans that will probably see use as either IRA circa 1922 or Israeli's circa 1920-1948.

Bad Squiddo dwarf warrior for any fantasy system!

Wizard and Apprentice for Frostgrave/Mordheim etc. Kitbash of Fireforge and Northstar plastics. I'm pretty pleased with the hand-painted cloaks.

"There's a new Sheriff in town". I believe he's from Great Escape Games.

Another 4 Goblin Town Goblins from GW.

Four Amazons from Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Slowly grinding through the mass of figures for it.

Steampunk figures from the In Her Majesties Name range.

Heroes and Leaders from "The Battle of Five Armies".

Swarms of Bugs for my Necrons.

Destroyers for my Necrons.

Two Regiments of 6mm dismounted CSA Cavalry.

Bad Squiddo Dwarf Wizard/Witch. She may be one of my favorite minis done this year.

French Marines for French Indian War.

Chaos Champion for one of my Mordheim gangs.

Ruga Ruga for some Pulp fun. This was a free figure from Pulp Figures when I placed an order earlier this year.

Bob Olly Victorian Dwarf.

Fenris Game Chaos Cultist. Will be used in Mordheim.

Guildball Farmers Terrain. Obviously can be used for other games as well. 

Crooked Dice Insmouth Folk. Such lovely figures to paint.

Guildball Farmer

Two Gripping Beast Gladiators

Whew. That's a lot. Mainly because even though the US has not managed this pandemic well, the wife and I have basically been doing our own Lockdown except for going to the grocery store and work. I do hope you all have as good a Christmas as possible, and stay safe!

2020 Painted Figures - 220

2020 Finished Terrain - 11

2020 Games Played - 5



  1. Better to be still painting and not blogging than the opposite. I quite like the rust on the nurgle champions axe. Any special tricks to it? Or foam blotting of an orange/red oxide?
    Your selection of painted minis seems about as variable as mine when I can actually sustain some productivity.

    1. I paint a metallic on as a base coat, then use the GW Technical Typhus Corrosion, then drybrush with an orange :)

  2. WOW you really are all over the place! But great work on all of them. I see many similar figures to ones I own, so it would seem our gaming interests are of the same thread!

    1. I think that is proof that great minds think alike, and that we need to get a game sometime!