Saturday, July 14, 2018

PlastCraft Games Sci-Fi Noodle Shop

Taking a break from painting a bit to clear some other stuff off the shelf, I have assembled the PlastCraft Games Sci-Fi Noodle Shop from their Infinity range of products.

It comes preprinted with colors and textures and I'll be very happy to use it in my sci-fi games.

Front View

Rear View
Assembly took about an 45 minutes.  Almost all the pieces were a perfect fit and cut smooth.  The only parts that needed any trimming or carving to fit were the uprights for the sign on the roof.

This last picture is showing were I misaligned the roof panels.  It still works though as the roof is supported in three other locations.

2018 Finished Figures - 59
2018 Finished Terrain - 5
2018 Games Played - 5

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