Monday, September 29, 2014

Scratchbuilt Grubenhaus Finished!

Several months ago, I saw these Grubenhaus Plans on Mitch's Wargaming Blog, and I decided to build one.  I started with just some cast off packaging from when I bought my new computer, some matchsticks, and a thing of rabbit fur.

I then cut and sanded a base out of 1/4" plywood, mounted it and applied BASICS Modeling Paste.

Using some sprues from a box of plastic figures, I cut up some firewood. Also mounted a tree base, and put some rocks in place.

Painted the paste a brown base color.
Lots of drybrushing later, I had a painted Grubenhaus.  Added flock, leaving a clear space for some crops.

The finished Product!

On top of the sprue firewood, I added some carved up bits of twig from outside to add some realistic wood to the pile.

I'm greatly enjoying this terrain modeling thing...looking forward to next month as I tackle the Post Apoc grocery store!


  1. Wow - what an amazing transformation! Bloody nice work, mate.

  2. Lovely work indeed! I was thinking that THIS would make a great post-apoc grocery store as well! ;)

  3. This is so cool, thanks very much for the inspiration!