Tuesday, September 2, 2014

4Ground Late Saxon Cottage

Built this kit in approximately an hour today while my son was taking a nap. 

It went together very easily, only had to shave one corner of an interior wall a hairs breadth to get it to go in place, and I believe that's due to me not having it completely squared away when I glued the exterior together.

This kits quality once again proves to me that 4Ground is a high quality company and I'm desperately wanting more! 

In the time vs money debate, this is the way to go if you have some expendable cash vs extra time. Talking to Chris about the 4Ground Norse Great Hall and while I'm sure I could build one from scratch, it'd take me for bloody ever. So, I'm willing to wait til I can afford it, and then get the kit.

Anyways...so this 6 month challenge thing is starting to take off! Glad to see it, and also welcome to all my new followers!!!


  1. I too love 4Ground buildings. My 15mm WW2 Euro houses are sturdy and good quality and went together really easily.

    Did the kit come with the furry "thatch"?

  2. Love it. I'm with Dai on the WW2 NW European buildings: they're superb...I just wish that they'd 'paint' them AFTER laser-cutting them out!

    Nice blog, by the way, and thnaks for (unwittingly) having me on board with the challenge.