Monday, September 1, 2014

1st Challenge Post!

Well, I actually got some progress made on this first day of the 6 Month Challenge!

First up, this Viking warrior. His weapon hand was buggered, and I kind of thought his stance was too aggressive for just a spear, so I grabbed a axe arm from out of my Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors box, lopped off the arm, and his hand and pinned the axe in place. Then green stuff'd around and blended as best I could (I'm terrible with GS).

Not too shabby for a first attempt at even minor conversions :-)

Next up, some shield work, and flocking on the rest of the Anglo-Dane Hearthguard and Warriors. There will be further base improvements after all the glue dries, but it's a start. 

Better pictures when they're done!

I'm pleased with my first days work.
Comments and critique are always welcome, as are tips!


  1. He has a good sense of motion to him with the ax. I've never tried to convert metal, was it hard?

  2. Good weapon swap out. Wish I had some extra weapon hands like these when I was fixing up my old 80's Citadel Norse minis. My GS efforts in lieu of appropriate pieces like you've used are.... rubbish. :)

  3. Funnily enough I've never tried green stuff! Love the swap though, looking good my man, 'grats on the first post of the challenge!