Monday, September 8, 2014

Dark Age Assembly

So, since Friday I've been on military duty a ways away from home...bring painting supplies was prohibitive, but I did bring along my boxes of Dark Age Warriors and Saxon Thegns from Gripping Beast to work on assembling. Here's some progress shots -

My rather messy desk in my room. 

A Slinger, leader, banner man, and two javliners. 

I don't rightly know how to describe him. Haha he may serve as a junior noble in Dux Brit or, just a Hearthguard in saga.

16 gents in various parts of drying in SHIELDWALL!

Sorry I haven't been commenting as much here lately on folks's incredibly busy and a tad bit on the stressful side during the duty day here, so I've been coming back to my room and relaxing with my assembly to just decompress a bit of an evening. Regularly scheduled programming will start up again next week. 

PS - I really like GB plastics, though I do think it's a bit wonky that ALL the weapon arms are right handed. I've had to do a tad bit of cutting and gluing and shaving to make a few lefties. I know it's for ease of production but, if they'd make a few...I'd be happy haha.

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