Sunday, September 28, 2014

Berserkers and Other Bits and Pieces Finished!

Well, today saw me finish off these four Viking Berserkers -



Pretty pleased with how they've turned out!

Also finished up these two civilians -


Yes I could've gone back and done the eye's, but oh well.

Also finished up this first Viking Warrior -

And this Terrain Piece that will see battlefields from the Dark Ages on up thru the Early 20th Century -

At some point I'll possibly give the grass a wash as its a bit green for fall colors, but the tree is removable and can be replaced with a spring/summer tree so.......yeah I dunno.

Almost to the end of our first month of the Challenge! Zombtober is just around the corner! Hope everyone is having a blast, and is ready to paint loads of undead!!!


  1. I love the civies. That guy totally has a long face which makes me laugh. The colour on hair of the woman and children is great. What did you use?
    The clothing has some great shading and looks particularly believable to me.

    I totally dig the shield design on the left berserker. Reminds me of the banner saga (computer game) for some reason. I think it's a transfer(?)...did it come battle distressed?

  2. daveb,
    Thanks for the kind words. To answer your questions - the woman and her kids hair is Vallejo Clear Orange #70.956 with a drop of Vallejo Dark Red #70.946 mixed in.

    The shield transfer is from Little Big Men studios and yes it came battle distressed. They're a fantastic product and company that I highly recommend!

  3. Civilians look lovely, as does the tree! Also, I posted an answer to your query.

  4. Don't have "lots" of undead, but I did manage to find 7 or eight zombies. :)

    Like the others have said, those civvie's look really cool. That tree is a sweet piece to add to your table - how do you keep the leaves/flock on?

    All these vikings make me want to paint! Darn work!