Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Potential Projects and the 1st Finished Figure of 2019

Happy New Year folks!  First post of 2019 and only a little over a week in!

Plan for this post is to layout the myriad of potential projects I would like to work on/make progress on this year.  Also at the very bottom is my first finished figure of 2019!


In no particular order mind, 

Potential Projects -  

Guild Ball  
Sci-Fi in 15mm
Sci-Fi in 28mm
Post-Apocalypse/Zombie Apocalypse in 28mm
FIW/AWI in 28mm
Wild West in 28mm
The Indian Wars in 20mm
SAGA/Dux Brit in 28mm
Gothic Horror in 28mm
Donnybrook Jacobite Rebellion in 28mm
Frostgrave/Mordheim/Rangers of Shadow Deep in 28mm
Samurai in either 28mm or 6mm
Kings of War
Chain of Command in 15mm
Northern Crusades in 6mm
Vietnam in 15mm
2nd Afghan War in 20mm
Central American Imagi-Nations (Modern) in 15mm
Dystopian Wars
Halo Fleet Battles
Full Thrust
ACW in 6mm
ACW Naval in 1/2400
Franco-Prussian War in 2mm
Sword & Spear Ancients in 20mm
OEF/OIF in 20mm
WW1 in 6mm and 20mm
18th-19th Century Imagi-Nations in 20mm
The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings in 10mm and 28mm
Wooden Blocks for Iron Men
Boardgame Figures
Bag the Hun's a lot.  I may have a problem.  The Lead/Plastic Mountain in the closet maaaaaaay prove it...

But no matter, we're gonna make a lot of progress this year, starting with this gal - 

Jyn Odan from Imperial Assault.  I am really hoping to get all the minis painted for this game this year, I'm just soooo far behind on expansions.  The detail on Jyn was a little shallow, but I think she turned out ok.  IA figures are rather hit and miss, some are bloody fantastic, others are a bit meh. 

Jyn Odan - Smuggler

Anyways, we're off to the races.  Here's to a great year for all of you hobbyists out there!

2019 Finished Figures - 1
2019 Finished Terrain - 0
2019 Games Played - 0


  1. Excellent start to your New Year! I've painted most of the figures of the Rebel side of Imperial Assault for a buddy, but have yet to paint one of my see, your already ahead of me!

    1. I believe I've painted about 6 IA figures total so far, and none of them Imperials haha!

  2. Great Scott, that's quite the list of potential projects lol! Looking forward to following along :)

    1. Thanks Ivor, it's always quite the ride. While I'm not as purchase happy as I used to be, the sheer amount of projects I have "on the go" can be quite overwhelming.