Friday, December 28, 2018

Goals for 2019

My hobby goals for 2019 -

1.  Paint more figures than in 2018.  So, I have to paint more than 121 figures.

2. Play more miniatures games than in 2018.  So play more than 6 games. This will tie in with another goal further down the list.

3. Complete two opposing forces for any period/genre. 

4. Kickoff my Gothic Horror/Steampunk campaign.

5. Start a games club.  We have the interest and the name already, just got to get organized about it.

6. Concentrate on smaller scales.  I have a ton of 2mm-20mm projects and I'm going to strive to focus on them this year.

7. Complete a metric shed load of terrain.  At LEAST double 2018's 6 pieces.  So goal of 12 pieces.

8. Finish my core platoon of German infantry for Chain of Command in 15mm.

9. Support small business.  The likes of Bad Squiddo, Forged in Battle, Peter Pig, Irregular, Baccus etc.

10. Play every boardgame and miniatures ruleset in my collection.  That's going to take a lot of work, but should be a fun endeavor!

Anyways, those are the goals.  First post of 2019 will probably be my 13 pages of project plans!

Happy New Year folks!!!