Thursday, January 24, 2019

Board-Game Acquisitions

A couple weeks ago, I was going to be at a slow-ish firehouse for my 24hr shift, so I took the old solo Avalon Hill game "Queen of the Skies" about the bomber missions against mainland Europe in 1943-44.  I played through several missions and had a great time in the evening after our daily duties and training were done and between emergency calls and it reminded me how much I like some of the old board games I played with my Dad and Grandpa as a kid. 

Hopped on ebay and acquired a couple more to add to the collection.  I'll post some more pictures/game reports etc. once I actually play some games, but here's what I got - 

Kingmaker is one I've been after for awhile, but was always going for silly money on ebay, got this one complete and in very decent shape for being 45 years old!

Civil War from Avalon Hill circa 1961.  Board and Rules are in great shape, but the tokens are all replacements.

The story behind this is - I saw a conversation on twitter between Professor Tony Pollard and Henry Hyde about this "A Book of Sandhurst Wargames" by the esteemed Paddy Griffith.  The pictures Prof. Pollard posted were mainly of the maps which piqued my interest, so I jumped on ebay and amazon and picked up a complete and in damn near pristine shape copy for about $8.50 plus shipping.  Looks very interesting and the maps are AWESOME!

That's all for now, more to come soon!

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