Saturday, January 19, 2019

Pirate Campaigns (1)

One of the projects I want to make major headway on this year is my pirates.  When I got home from my last deployment, I had ordered most of the Foundry range of pirates, stuck em all on bases and promptly packed them away in a box.  

Time to rectify that, as I have several suitable rulesets such as - "Blood & Plunder", "Flashing Blades", "Donnybrook" etc.

Those, combined with some naval rulesets for the naval side of things could make for some very interesting little campaigns, so to that end, I've made a start on painting the figures.  As per usual, I've painted 4 and gotten bored, so more will come as we go through the year.

Old Pirate and either a pirate captain OR a Royal Navy Officer

Pirates - the one on the left I went for a native skin tone kind of in tune with Mayan descendants.  Dunno if it works, but hopefully. 
Foundry figures are awesome to paint. You can really tell that their sculpters keep ease of painting in mind.  Will probably be ordering more from them at some point.

2019 Finished Figures - 5
2019 Finished Terrain - 0
2019 Games Played - 0


  1. Very nice! I love the Foundry line of pirate figures too - have way too many along with all of Northstars 'On The Seven Seas' line. But then again you can never have too many pirate figures lol!
    Hopefully you can stick with this project, I'd love to see more pirate reports.

    1. Thanks Ivor! You have all of the North Star range?! I concur, you can never have enough pirates haha. I also hope you see a lot more pirate reports come this year! Also, just started following your blog. Will have a perusal in the morning!

  2. Beautiful minis, love the old pirate!

  3. After, me hearties!

    Nice one!

    Re. Painting charts, feel free to drop me an email (on my profile) and I'll send you some files.


    1. Hey Drax, thanks for the kind words! Also, tried to drop you an email, but the link on your profile appears broken?