Thursday, December 27, 2018

2018 - A Year in Review

2018 was a very good year hobby wise.  Minimal goals, nowhere near as many purchases, and A LOT of completed figures.

Below are my favorite completed figures of 2018 -

Windle and his Balls for Guildball

Cerberus for Mythic Battles: Pantheon

Ares for Mythic Battles: Pantheon

Jackstraw for Guild Ball Farmers

Warrior Wizard for Zombicide Black Plague

Coureur des Bois for French & Indian War

All told, I finished 121 figures in 2018, ranging from 20-28mm.  121 is the 2nd most figures finished in a year since I got back into wargaming 11 years ago.  I also completed 6 terrain pieces in 2018 and played 6 miniatures games.  So, a very successful year.  Lets review a couple other goals I had for 2018 and see how they went shall we?

1.  Kill Team Tau - Completed.  I had a goal to complete a Tau force for Kill Team, and I did. Oh, AND I actually played a game with them and didn't lose! Success. 

2.  Guild Ball - I did finish a playable team of Farmers.  Still have all the other teams I own to paint but I'll count this as a successful goal. Success.

3.  Boardgame Figures - I've made progress, but nowhere near completed.  Failure.

4.  Gothic Horror/Steampunk - I got a few figures done, but not enough to play a game with yet.  Failure. 

5.  2018 6MMRPC - I succeeded in not adding more than I finished from the lead/plastic mountain. Success.

6. Play More Games - In 2017 I played 3 miniatures games.  In 2018 I doubled that with playing 6.  So, Success.

Those were the goals, and I'm definitely counting it as a good hobby year!  2019 will hopefully be even better.  In my next post, I'll lay out my plans and goals for 2019.  

I sincerely hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that you all have a very Happy New Year!  See you in 2019!


  1. Those look ace!

    I need to check back over whatever the hell I got done in back in the glory days of '18.

    Mind you, doing lots of scenery stuff for other people took a chunk of time...

    1. It's easy to get distracted/busy with other things. I'm looking forward to seeing your efforts in '19!