Sunday, December 9, 2018

Star Wars and Medieval Zombies

It's been a busy couple of weeks here at the War Room.  Side job, FD, and life have been ridiculous lately.  I did however manage to get some things painted - 

First up C3PO and Darth Vadar for Imperial Assault.  Several friends have expressed interest in some Star Wars gaming either with IA or some other sci-fi ruleset still to be determined, so I'm slowly trying to paint the figures I have.  

As much as I would LOVE to do OSL, I'm going for tabletop standard.  May go back at some point and redo him, but for now, he'll work.

The medieval zombies are more of the Gripping Beast Revenants set, slowly but surely working my way through them.  They, plus the zombies from Zombicide: Black Plague will make quite the nice horde for games set from Roman times on up to late medieval. 

I'd like to note that with the completion of these 5 figures, I have surpassed the 2015 painting numbers, making 2018 the 2nd most productive year since I got back into the hobby!

2018 Finished Figures - 114
2018 Finished Terrain - 6
2018 Games Played - 6

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