Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kickstarter's I'm Waiting On!

So, awhile back, I backed several Kickstarter's that will be arriving here shortly (barring problems) and while it will be during the challenge, as I'm scheduling them in as part of my plans for the challenge, I think it's in keeping with the rules. Also the fact that I paid for them in the spring.

This is supposed to arrive in September. I backed it because I'm greatly into post-apoc games, and this is a load of interesting figures, rules etc in that genre. When it arrives I'll write up a review as I have time. Keeping in it's spirit though, I highly recommend the book - 

Which is set in Britain during the apocalypse. Fantastic read! I'm going to re-read it and put up a proper review.

The 2nd KS I'm expecting to arrive either in sept or oct, is - 

I first heard of this through the Perry's Facebook page I believe. Fantastic looking figures, can't wait to get my mitts on 'em. While it's meant for Africa, I plan on also using the figures for Modern Iraq/Afghan games and my Zombie Apocalypse games.

The last KS I'm waiting on is - 

Doing this on my iPhone, I can't remember when this is supposed to arrive. But, looking forward to having some quick terrain to paint up and get on the table.

Now, I heard a rumor that Studio Miniatures is going to be doing another kickstarter for some Walking Dead-esque miniatures sometime in the next several months...well, that's definitely a Joker card. 

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  1. Heya Dave, I'm officially following the blog now! Might take me a while to work through the older posts though.