Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Couple of Zombie Apocalypse Survivors

First off, these were finished back in Zombtober 2013. For some reason I didn't post about it. )))) shrugs (((( whoops. Anyways:

Survivor #1: The Mad Priest. This guy has been driven insane by the evil that now walks the earth, and is constantly exhorting his flock to go out and kill the beasts of hell. 

The base still needs finished, but that'll be done during the 6 month challenge I do believe. He's a Reaper fig, nice detailing and had very little flash or mold lines. Took the Army Painter Dip very well!

Survivor #2: Tyrone the Coreectional Officer. A hard charging go getter. He went through the hell that was the federal prison after the Z-Poc hit, and had to liberally use his baton to get out. 

Also a Reaper figure, very clean sculpt. I left the baton slightly bent to show use in combat.

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  1. The mad Priest is a lovely figure :) Tyrone is a good one too, he looks like a big guy!