Thursday, August 28, 2014

Anglo-Danes and a Wagon

The first half of my Anglo Dane starter force from Gripping Beast for SAGA. I'm not going to lie, while they look great painted up, they're an absolute PIG to clean up and prep. Mold lines out the ting yang and quite a bit of flash. But once they're cleaned up, they take paint well, and have a decent amount of detail. Add paint and those lovely shield transfers and they look great!  The other half is on the bench for the 6 month challenge.

This Dark Age Wagon is my first build of a kit from 4Ground. I have nothing but positive things to say. Took me 15min to assemble, and that's even with having to do a tad bit of carving to get the supports for the sides to fit in the holes right.  I've got several other 4Ground kits to build, and I'm looking forward to it. Now to just find some good oxen to drag this thing around in scenarios for SAGA and Dux Brittaniarum.

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  1. The Anglo-Danes look great :) I've got the same first impressions with my new GB stuff too...hmm!