Friday, January 2, 2015

Starting the Year off Right!

I'll admit, most of these were started in some way shape or form in 2014. But as I do not count a figure finished til it's painted, based, varnished, and had the bases dressed up a bit...all these are going into the 2015 stats.

So, what do we have:

Continuing on with the Dark Ages, we'll start with some Norsemen -

Gripping Beast metal figures, the imposing gent on the left is probably one of my favorite figures in my collection at the moment. 

Here's a couple of Viking warriors. Does anybody else hate mitten hand as much as I? I'll eventually attempt to sculpt some fingers on both these guys.

A couple of slingers and a Hearthguard warrior.

Command stand for either Anglo-Danes, Anglo-Saxons, or Romano-British.

And last but not least, a kit bash figure -

An Anglo-Saxon Zombie!

2015 Painted Total - 10


  1. Happy New Year, mate.

    Wow - 'mitten hand', eh? - that's a terrible shame! What mini company are these?

    Also, I absolutely love the gore in the clump of grass - well done!

    1. Drax, they're also Gripping Beast metal figures. I've noticed that the quality of GB sculpts have gone up as they've moved through the Dark Ages for SAGA. The vikings were rough...the Pagan Rus and other newer factions are much crisper sculpts.

  2. What a cracking start, an Anglo-Saxon zombie - brilliant!

  3. Great start dude! Love the zombie.

  4. What a cracking group of minis, it's no surprise thought that "redbeard" is your favourite as he's full of character - and what a paintjob !
    As for "Mitten-hand", in the past I used a pain of plies to tease fingers out of minis like these, but wuld you rathe have the foot ong fingers of some foundry figures ?

  5. Mitten Hand... Oof! Terrible effort on GB's part. Unless this fellow's supposed to look as though he just rushed out of his bakery to defend his hot buns?

    Regardless, am loving all this painted goodness. I'm trying hard to ignore Saga. But I'm not sure how long I can resist seeing posts like these.