Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! - A short review, and Goals for 2015 -

Happy New Year everyone! A bit belated, but I was exhausted New Years Eve and worked New Years Day. So.

I want to start this off with a few comparisons betwixt 2013 and 2014 -

2013 saw a total of 16 Figures finished.
2014 saw a total of 135 Figures finished!

2013 saw a total of 0 Terrain Pieces finished.
2014 saw a total of 6 Terrain Pieces finished!

2013 I posted 9 blog updates.
2014 I posted 41 blog updates!

Positive progress all around!

Now a few thoughts.  I didn't really post a "Beginning of year goals" post in January 2014, but I did have some goals in mind, and I'm glad to say, I met almost all of them.

1. I told myself I would actually game more in 2014 - Accomplished.  I formed a small games club that I'm calling "The Crossed Tomahawks" Gaming Club.  We meet AT LEAST once a month, but have been aiming for, and for the most part succeeding in gaming at least twice a month.

2. Paint More Figures - As seen by the numbers above, I feel I crushed this goal!

3. Finish at least one base army - Accomplished.  The basic starter set of Anglo-Danes for SAGA is complete and have even seen combat...annnnnd were soundly trounced by some half painted Vikings. 

4. Visit a wargames show - Failed.  I didn't make it to Historicon.

5. Take part in a painting challenge - Accomplished! Sort of. Haha. When I first made this goal, I was going to jump in on the BIG painting challenge thats currently running...I instead, joining with some other intrepid souls decided to NOT buy figures and instead try to reduce my "Lead Mountain" by painting as much as I could in six months.  We're 4 months in and going strong!

Now, to the goals for 2015 -

1. Take all the numbers from 2013/14, both blog entries posted and minis/terrain pieces finished, and completely smash those records.


3. Piggybacking off of #2 - Several ideas and plans for some campaigns shall come to fruition this year, and will be blogged about in AAR/Story format.

Ya'll have seen my project list...those are all still there, I'm just not going to bore you with it again.  I do have a feeling that there will be more projects added to the list though.

I seriously feel very grateful for the amount of encouragement I've gotten from y'all, and I hope you've enjoyed my seriously meandering in this hobby of ours.  Now, lets get this year going!


  1. Awesome numbers! I sadly don't have any numbers tracked, but I'm sure I did much better this year. The challenge has been GREAT for halting purchases. I'm really rather happy it was started up.

  2. Great progress and plenty more to come!

  3. Fantastic progress! Another 2 months of the 6MMRP challenge to go, which should help you make a start on a good painted figures tally for 2015!

  4. Way to go dude! Target busting goodness, let's hope 2015 continues in the same style.

  5. What a big difference between 2013 and 2014 and a similar leap in 2015 would be truly amazing. I for one think blogging is a great incentive - keep it up mate.

  6. This 6MMRP has helped me no-end. Though, my mountain is still..... rather mountainous.

    Very well done on your tally sir. Here's to seeing those 2015 goals well met!