Monday, March 4, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

So, in the last month I've accomplished a whole bunch of nothing substantial. Lol. Life has been crazy, as has work, and now I'm considering relocating back to the job hunting out there has kind of started.  On a side note, compared to the period of approx 6 months I was unemployed a couple years ago, this job search is much more relaxed seeing as how I have a good job atm.

Now, I have prepped all of the Ancient British forces, and have undercoated roughly half of them in about two hours worth of steady work. I also have picked up a copy of "Hail Caeser" off Amazon, and I must say...I like it alot after playing a quick run through with some cut up strips of paper as units.  While I plan on using it for awhile, rules systems and how they are written intrigue me so I'm sure I'll be keeping my eye out for more in the future.

My (actually quite clean) Workbench at the moment.

Christmas (or late birthday) is coming for me in March!  Ordered a bunch of stuff that has been on my wishlist for the better part of a year:
"All Things Zombie" by Two Hour Wargames
"All Things Zombie Boardgame" by Lock N Load Publishing
2x Zombie Survivor Figures by Reaper Miniatures
Zombie Horde Miniatures by Wargames Factory
1/72nd Scale Roman Cavalry by Italeri
Pretty darn excited...even though that adds roughly 48 more figures to my already massive mountain of lead and plastic needing attention.  
Anyways, I'll post some thoughts, pictures, and further progress reports shortly.  For now, goodnight all. 

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