Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Start of An Army

So this morning I dug out all my Roman/Carthaginian/Gaulic/Celtic forces and divided them up into the different armies they'll be representing.  I've got enough figure for a sizable Republican Roman Army vs Carthaginian Army, and a sizable Imperial Roman Army vs a Celtic/Gaulic Army.  One of my reasons for choosing Ancient Period gaming is because I can use some of these forces interchangably, i.e.Gauls/Celts can be attached to either Carthaginian or Roman forces for playing allies/irregulars. 

I did a quick scrub with Dawn dishsoap and then soaked for 5-10 minutes in vineger of the Gaulic/Celtic forces.

The beginging forces for my gaulic/celtic army are starting from:
Revell Gauls
Italeri Celtic Cavalry
ESCI Barbarians
Airfix Ancient Britons
HaT Carthaginian Allies
My plan for today is to get them divided up into the figures I want on each base, clean them up, and probably go ahead and glue the cavalry figures to their respective horses and then if I have time I'll maybe primer them.
More to come later...........hopefully.

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