Friday, March 13, 2015

Full Thrust Planning

Thanks to The Mad Tin Hatter, I have discovered "Full Thrust" a ruleset for gaming spaceship combat -

Now, I've toyed around for years with the idea for a campaign based off of a series of books by David Weber and Steve White which were the first ever sci-fi books I ever read, and are still my favorites.

So, after reading The Mad Tin Hatters mini stories and AAR's, I downloaded the rules and went and ordered a selection of ships from Ground Zero Games to see if I can make those ideas/dreams a reality

 To get a fledgling start to my plans I need a total of 6-9 ships. I'm working on a space/Galaxy map for a campaign. 

That is going to be "known" space when I start my campaign. Each dot = a system i.e. Old Terra is earth plus all the planets in our galaxy. 

In the book series, each Galaxy has potential for "warp points" = the lines to other systems. Most have anywhere from 0-8 warp points. So from the known parts of space (the current map) I'll send out Survey fleets of between 2-4 ships. Once thru the warp point I'm going to have to come up with a system to figure out what is in the new system, plus, how many warp points lead out from that system (probably by rolling a D8 or D10

It'll get really interesting when I start running into opposition. In the books, The Terran Federation and their allies the Orion's aka Tabbies due to their felinoid looks, the Oiphiuchi's almost bird like creatures, and the Gorm an giant beetle like race end up fighting Rigalians who are like alien Reavers, Bugs or arachnids or space spiders, and Thebans who are these almost human like creatures but shorter with three fingers and a broad carapace on their head.

Bugs have zero feelings and will gladly sacrifice any and all to destroy the enemy, and they eat the native species of any planet they capture. Rigalians are just  flipping nutter aliens, homicidal suicidal.

The Orion's and Oiphiuchi are very good at fighter combat, so their fleets are carrier heavy. Gorm are very large and heavy due to their low gravity planet so they don't do fighters well but their capital ships are top of the line. The Terran Federation is kind of jack of all trades.

It's all in the planning stages as I'm still waiting on my ships to arrive, but I must say, I'm rather excited.

For those hardcore rules and stats fanatics, you may not want to follow this campaign too closely. I'm going to be playing fast and loose with the ship profiles and fleet makeups. Mashing different ships from "official full thrust" fleets to make my fleets.

Watch this space!


  1. Looking forward to seeing how you progress with this!

  2. Full Thrust is an excellent game; the facebook page has been developing the rules for quite a while now.
    Good luck with your campaign too.