Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Post Apocalyptic Swingset

So, back in January, I entered a competition on The Across the Dead Earth Facebook page to build a post-apocalyptic terrain piece. Finished entries had to be submitted by 06Feb.

The rules were - CD sized base, and minimal purchased components. Mostly scratchbuilt.

So, I built a post-apocalyptic Swingset.

Here's a few action shots -

Pleased to say, I tied for 3rd place in the competition!

2015 Painted Figures = 21
2015 Finished Terrain = 1


  1. Brilliant! What a fabulous piece of terrain and well done on the placing, justly deserved.

  2. Congratulations on showing in the competition. It's a very fun and evocative piece.

  3. I like the robust look of this, perfect for a PA scenario.

  4. Great piece of terrain dude! Congratulations on the placing. Nicely painted figures too man.