Sunday, December 21, 2014

6MMRPC - AtDE Red Claw Gang

It's been an extremely slow month for me. I've been putting a ton of hours in at work, and prepping for the holidays isn't helping either. So to those of you in the challenge, I apologize - I haven't been keeping up with the post a week rule/guideline etc. I'll attempt to do better.

Now, I have completed a couple of things. The main thing being the Across the Dead Earth starter Gang - The Red Claw -

That's the first half of the gang. The second half is moving in on the other thing I've finished, a wrecked pickup truck/objective marker/loot counter hiding spot -

"What ye thinks in the box!?"

Had a lot of fun painting these figures up, and after about an hour of cleaning up resin flash, the truck was as well. 

My plan is to use The Red Claw gang as a Scottish gang reminiscent of the likes of the movie "Doomsday"...which may lead to me painting up the "Crimson" figure to represent Rhona Mitra's character - thanks to Michael Awdry for correcting me on the actress.



  1. Nice work on the bases. I quite like the leaf litter.

  2. Love what you've done with these, great job. I was looking at my set the other day and thinking that I really must get them done. Doomsday was great fun, but probably not endorsed by the Scottish tourist board; just one thing though it stars Rhona Mitra not Kate Beckinsale.

  3. Great job on these dude! Cool idea for the basis of your tribe!

  4. Great paintjobs and I really like the wreck too

  5. Nice job on these. Who makes the wrecked truck?

  6. Good stuff. The flamethrower bloke looks like a total loon.

    Always happy to see pics of Kate. :)

  7. Well done mate! Love the miniatures!

    Merry christmas!