Friday, December 23, 2011

Zombicanus - I

20 Milliarium (mi) S of Hadrian's Line - Brittania
Encampment of the II Legion

Greeting Senator,
By the time this missive reaches you, hopefully the legion will have already completed it's instructions to put a stop to the pict and celti raids.  The morale of the men is high in hopes of good plunder, though...there are some strange rumors out of the north.  Camp peddlers from among the native people speak of people who are rotting as they walk, with bulging eyes.  They say that these people will try to bite a man.  My guess is that these are just stories to scare children, or a savage plot to put fear in the hearts of our men and native allies.  Mayhaps I will have peddlers caught speaking these things flogged to prevent their lies spreading. 

I hope all is well in Rome, and with your family.  News travels slowly to this gods forsaken corner of the empire, so anything you feel is of interest would be of great worth to me.  I will send further when the task at hand is completed.

Be Well,
Lukas Marcella
Centurian, IIV Century/II Legion